Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Rule of Three

It started last Saturday with the purchase of the Backyard Botanical Garden kit from Sam's, when on the way home with our purchase, a little red light with the message "check engine" suddenly appeared in the dashboard. The next day, Sunday, I noticed a little headache, but as the day and week progressed, the headache was accompanied by an unsettled stomach, dizziness, and chills. Monday was the worst; but each day thereafter I improved, i.e., upset stomach was a little less, the bouts with dizziness were further apart, and my t-shirt did not stay damp all day. This morning, Saturday, I had to turn my computer on and off three times before it would boot up. When I had a nasty computer virus in February, I, fortunately, purchased a Dell-On-Call contract and was able to give Dell an immediate cyberjingle.

I've always heard trouble comes in threes, but never really kept track of it until today, that is. :D Due to the recent experience with a dreadful computer virus and thinking my computer may have died, I was very happy that I had printed everything out yesterday and backed up a few items, namely, the 2008 income tax figures and notes I prepared for the accountant. I've been dragging my feet on getting all that stuff together and spent the better part of Thursday afternoon and most of Friday organizing the information. I had a moment or two of panic, though, when I couldn't find a couple of items. :D The items surfaced, thank you, Lord, and I'm ready to make an appointment with our accountant in Austin.

I tell our accountant every year that as soon as all the information is in, I'll see him in February -- March 1 at the latest. Somehow, I never seem to make the date I say, but this time it is much later than usual. What about you? Are you super prompt in getting your taxes done as soon as you have all the W-2' and 1099's? Or, do you drag your feet to just barely make the deadline, or file an extension for Pete's sake?

I have another question for you: going back to the rule of three, what has been your experience? I'm keeping track, now. I have no time for delays; we have a garden to assemble, load up with soil, and get to planting. Time is a'wasting -- we're burning daylight -- tic tock.

Until next time, God bless.

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