Sunday, April 12, 2009

Garden Progress Report

At long last, we are working on assembling the Backyard Botanical Garden kit. We had several set backs in getting started, but all is going very smoothly.

We first decided to get some fill to level the area where the garden is to sit.

The next step was to unpack the above boxes.

Separate and count all the parts. BTW, we have no grass except for a patch here and there since we just came out of a terrible drought.

Our helpers, Maggie and Luc, needed a rest before the next step.

Luc checking to see if we are following directions.

Luc forgot he was working, found a piece of paper in hubby's truck and decided to eat it.

The hardest part, we hope, is finished.

Braces are in on one-half of the garden. The left side will be done tomorrow. We had to redo a few braces because we forgot to measure the distance from the top so the plastic tubs will be level.

All in all, though, the directions are quite clear, and everything seems to be going together very well.

Until next time, God bless.

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Mary-Austin said...

YAY... I've been waiting to hear how the garden project is going!! Looking good....