Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Garden Planting Guide

I adapted the Backyard Garden planting guide shown in its blog to where we are now in the planting season. For instance, it is too late for garlic and spinach will not do in a Central Texas summer. :D I'm taking a bit of a chance in planting arugula, but maybe it will survive our heat. Since I've never planted vegetables, I am curious if I have over planted. I am in the experimental stage on all things pertaining to a garden.

The only chore left is to mulch which will be done tomorrow. This promises to be an interesting summer, or year, really. By this time next year, I'll have enough experience with this garden to know how much to plant or not plant. lol One thing for sure is I'll have to learn how to prepare certain veggies for canning or freezing, provided, of course, we have more than we can eat as the veggies mature.

FWIW, I used Paint Shop Pro X2 to make the drawing. I took a six-week introductory class last month and am registered for the second level. If you haven't heard of LVS Online Learning Center, you might check it out. The instructions are good, the classes are inexpensive, and you do it at your leisure.

Until next time, God bless.


SquirrelQueen said...

That looks like a good combination of veggies, yummy.
For some reason I can grow almost any flower, shrub and berry you can imagine but I have a black thumb when it comes to vegetables. You are inspiring me so maybe I will try again.

Mary-Austin said...

What fun planning for the unexpected in the garden! I learned last year in my first garden is these plants will get big!! The squash and zucchini took over their parts of the beds. Good luck with containment and happy growing!! Love watching the garden grow....

Lynn said...

Queenie, I'm expecting my black thumb to turn green because 1) got the best dirt I could find, 2) have an automatic irrigation timer, 3) things change. hahaha

Lynn said...

Mary-Austin, for some reason, at least at this time, your comment re birds did not publish. However, we do have a lot of birds...maybe bird netting is in order if there is such an item. I'll check Home Depot. lol

Actually, I have seen squash in the ground and know how big it grows. I'm hoping that somehow it will not matter, meaning the other plants will still get enough sun to produce. I have not the faintest idea what a cantaloupe on the vine looks like or cucumber. But, I had to try.

I like to live on the edge -- heh heh heh -- you know when you live in the country you have to find a little excitement wherever you can. :D