Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Garden Progress Report #9 - Maggie Proof

The extra garden space for more tomatoes and whatever is Maggie proofed -- I hope. I tied the extra fencing material very tight at the bottom and am hoping like crazy that Maggie cannot slip under the fence. Maggie is a sweet dog but takes her sentry duties too seriously in that she considers all plants with the exception of rose bushes as intruders. Her self-assigned mission is to police the area and destroy enemies crossing into her territory; plants apparently are an enemy according to Maggie.

The extra fencing doesn't look too pretty; but if it will do the job of keeping Maggie out, then that is all we care about. :D

Today I picked up some cantaloupe, cucumber, arugula, yarrow and lemon balm. I considered doing seeds but will only try that with green beans. Next year I'll try seeds and possibly some in the fall. I've not had what is called a green thumb, more like a black thumb, but this year is going to be different! lol I just know it.

Luc checking to see what I planted and if I planted correctly. I also picked up a little bling for the garden; the copper butterfly, far right in photo.

Luc was satisfied with my progress and stole my glove to let me know that it was time to throw the ball.

Until next time, God bless.


Donna said...

I Love the garden!! And the pups!hahahaa...hughugs

Mary-Austin said...

Now that you have the garden dog proofed (hopefully), next will be bird proofing!! The birds and I battled last year for my tomatoes!! I won eventually, but lost a few tomatoes in the battle. :-)