Monday, April 13, 2009

Garden Progress Report #2

The weather was magnificent today, very cool and sunny - just right for work on the garden. I have one complaint about the instructions. The instructions should give the distance from the top of the boxes to the top of the braces. I had to redo all the braces put in yesterday because the tubs were an inch short for the notched top rails to hold the tub tops up. Aaaaaargh. After some measuring and several attempts, I finally settled on the correct distance. All 15 braces are in but cannot proceed because the wireless drill ran out of juice.

After some errands tomorrow morning, I hope to have the time to set the plastic tubs and the top rails and, perhaps, work on getting the side screens up. Wednesday is filled with errands: pick up, sign, and mail the tax return; attend a luncheon featuring Janice Woods Windle, author of True Women; and participate in a Tea Party in Austin. With luck, though, Thursday is free and we'll be finished with assembling the garden and ready to pick up 41 cubic feet of organic garden soil. Then, it is to the nursery for plants and seeds, if not too late. We should begin planting this weekend! I can hardly wait.

Until next time, God bless.

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