Saturday, April 18, 2009

Basic Coldworking:The Perfect Edge

It is still raining in my part of the country which prevents me from working on the garden kit. I have recorded nine inches of rain for this year -- a distinct difference from last year where I recorded all of 11-6/10 inches of rain for the entire year! Since we've had rain, patches of grass are appearing, but the top soil was blowing away last year. I posted photos on this blog of four hours of top soil accumulation on the back porch. Items from rocks to bits and pieces left from the original construction on the house that were long since buried appeared on the surface. The land looked scalped, but thank God that was last year, and we have rain this year! When it drys out and assembly on the garden once again starts, garden reports will be coming forthwith :D

In the meantime, I registered for a basic coldworking class, beginning next Saturday afternoon, at Helios Kiln Glass Studio. It has been at least four or five years since I took any kind of glass fusing class. This class teaches techniques that will give my fused glass pieces crisp, finished edges and which will take my work to the next level of professionalism.

I love taking classes on just about anything -- pottery, Bible classes, silversmithing, glass fusing, art metal sculpture, beading, wire wrapping, Effective Writing, Paint Shop Pro X, photography, lost wax casting, mold making, powdered frit -- name it and I've either done it or at least thought about it. :D

I am to bring several fused pieces to class, some already slumped and a couple that have not been slumped. I do not have any unslumped pieces and have to fuse a couple before next Saturday. I plan to use scrap glass as fill in the above form, fuse and take to class.

The above was filled with scrap glass and medium clear frit. After fusing the edges were rough and uneven. This will be a perfect piece to take to the coldworking class. I haven't yet decided what to do for the second fresh, out-of-the-kiln, unslumped piece, but it has to be done this coming week. I already have a couple of slumped bowls and trays that are good candidates for the class; I will choose the ones needing the most work.

Naturally, I'll take a lot of pictures during class to post. I can hardly wait.

Until next time, God bless.


Mary-Austin said...

I'm so glad it's raining out there!! Can't wait to see the class results.

Daisy Soap Girl said...

Rain is one of my favorite moderation. I am so like you in that I take all kinds of classes but I have all kinds of unfinished craft projects. That reminds me that I have to work on my Christmas quilt. Maybe this year it will actually be finished and on my bed.

Lynn said...

Our rain water collection tanks are overflowing........if it does not rain another drop for 4 or 5 months we have enough water for household use if we conserve which we do.

I hear ya on the Christmas quilt and like projects. But I like to move around from craft to craft, some finished and others waiting for completion. :D There is always something in the wings.