Saturday, October 31, 2009

Bathroom Re-do Update V

The bathroom has finally come together with the exception of the back splash. My first fused glass, back splash design was too complex for my skill level, so I've had to go back to the drawing board. I have several ideas which I'll start working on next week. Once a design is decided upon, there are ten 4 x 6 inch tiles to assemble, fire in the kiln and install around the vanity top.

This is the before. Pretty drab, isn't it. lol

This is the suggestion from Layla of The Lettered Cottage.

I changed it for this look after playing around with Behr's Color Smart.

The brown trim on the shower curtain ties to the mirror. The white curtain ties to the white fixtures and tile.

Several years ago, I removed the usual 4 x 4 mirror over the vanity and replaced it with this mirror which hung over my mother's dresser. I had it reframed in mesquite.

The antique, leaded glass window with a touch of red.

The red in the picture ties back to the leaded glass window.

Whew. The hard work is over and the rest, i.e., back splash, is going to be fun. There are few more details to complete, i.e., changing out the light switch plates for brushed stainless/nickle ones, pick up two stainless door pulls, and, ugh, replace the grout around the bathtub.

Until next time, God bless.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Bathroom Makeover IV

I am almost done. A few more touch ups are needed. I may should have put a second coat because I've found quite a few places that were missed, but to tell the truth, the bath is so small and a real pain to paint. I spent a lot of time moving the ladder after first finding a place to put the paint so as to not accidentally knock it over.

I did not do the best taping job. I bought a small sample of flat white paint and used a flat, square artist brush to cover the brown paint on the ceiling.

Not perfect, but much neater.

Installed the new light fixture. Gad, what a difference when compared to the old one. I've been wanting to change it out for years but did not have the courage to do it myself. Well, I did it myself today. Just hope the house does not burn down. lol

Found this picture at Bed, Bath & Beyond. The red ties to the red in the leaded glass window hanging in the bathroom window.

Ahh, new towels and towel rack. Had a difficult time getting the rod to stay put. In fact, there was a flaw in it; but since it fell off the wall a couple of times, it took some paint with it. This is one of the touch ups planned for tomorrow.

The plan is to finish up tomorrow. I painted the shower curtain hangers a dark coco brown and am waiting to make sure they are completely dry before hanging the shower curtain.

I think I am going to love the final product. It is worth the effort. I've been wanting to redo this bath for at least five years. lol I just couldn't get inspired.

Until next time, God bless.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Bathroom Redo Update III

I surprised myself by staying on schedule to paint the walls yesterday. I was concerned that a second coat might be in order but found that Behr's paint touches up beautifully. When pulling off some of the tape, I found more spots that required touch up and used post its to mark the spots.

These towels are for "looks." I'm going to get a bigger basket to place on top to hold the towels hubby will be allowed to use. lol As you can see, when the tape was pulled off, a touch up is required next to the cabinet.

The texture is somewhat rough and found a few places that need more paint. In my haste to clean up yesterday, I took the ladder out to the barn. I'm waiting until the rain stops. When the rain spigot opened last month, rain just keeps coming. We've had over 3 inches this morning with no stopping in sight. Not that I'm really complaining with the drought we've been in the last 21 months. I just wish we had another rainwater collection tank.

Aha, more touch ups. And since everything is cleared out, I saw the mildew along the tub. So, before this bathroom is finished, I'll have to scrap the caulking around the tub then re- caulk. Ugh.

Until next time, God bless.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Bath Redo Update II

I knew that I've changed the way I do projects -- at a pace that suits me instead of being totally obsessed until a project is completed. However, the photo dates from the blog has almost put me to shame....but not quite. :D

This photo was taken February 20, 2009 and sent to Layla at The Lettered Cottage for an online design consultation sometime around the first of April or May.

Layla sent back this suggestion sometime in June 2009.

I mulled over her suggestion but played around with Behr's Colorsmart program and decided to go in this direction.

This photo was taken August 30 while I was working on the shower curtain.

I started taping the walls on September 16, 2009.

I kept dragging my feet before painting the cabinets. There was an aversion to sanding inside the cabinets. The cabinets took three coats of paint inside and out. It was not until yesterday that I finished taping and painted the edges. Hopefully, the walls will only require one coat of paint. The walls are on today's, Sunday, October 25, schedule. :D During the intervening days, I bought towels, baskets, towel bars, a picture, and gray bath rugs.

This light fixture is to be replaced with a brushed nickel, 3-light fixture. The towel bars are a brushed nickel.........just waiting for me to finish the walls.

I've picked out a brushed nickel/stainless light plate and hope to replace these ugly cream light switches and plugs. I plan to call an electrician to make the changes. In addition, I still have to design the backsplash to do fused glass tiles. I've been looking around various decorating and fused glass sites to get some ideas. I bought the glass September 2008. lol But, as soon as the walls are finished, I'm going to get serious about the tiles. The first design idea will not work, so it is back to the drawing board.

I must say that it is much more pleasurable to take one's time when doing a project; however, I did not realize just how long. Blogging, however, about various projects, etc., does have its good points; but then again, does it?

Life is good, isn't it!

Until next time, God bless.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Straight Out of the Camera Sunday

Saw this Aporophyllum Hybrid at the Wimberley Market Day a few weeks ago. Isn't it great?

Pop over here to see more Straight Out of the Camera photos, the meme of Murrieta's 365.

Until next time, God bless.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Afternoon Walk in The Texas Hill Country

On most days hubby takes the dogs, Luc and Maggie, for a walk in the morning and afternoon. Luc is impossible if he doesn't get at least one walk a day. Maggie, not so much, because she assigned herself sentry duty and gets lot of enjoyment out of guarding the yard. Luc, on the other hand, lives up to his breed's characterization of being a clown and prefers playing, be it on a walk or retrieving some thrown item.

We're walking down the first sloping ledge of the hill from the house.

The first clearing. I really enjoy how the shadows play across the open space.

We cut a trail through this brush. Hubby is using my grandfather's walking stick and is wearing my dad's sweater. I've been accused of being a pack rat; however, see, we are recycling. One never knows when something old will come in handy.

The other side of the cut trail.

And around the corner.

The second clearing. Luc is waiting for his treat and both are waiting for me to catch up. I was busy taking pictures.

A cross-pasture road.

Here's the slip. Oops, cows at the end and we have to take a detour. Cows are too much of a temptation for Luc to give chase.

Since September 10, our skies pretty much look like this.

A calachie pit. Some years back, my dad needed some calachie for a road; looked over on our property; and decided this was the best place to get it. lol We've had Luc since June 2005; this is the only deep water the poor dog has ever seen. It comes up to his shoulder. After last night's rain, though, it may well be deep enough for him to swim.

We've had 16-3/10 inches since September 10 with 3 inches last night. Praise God because we have been in a terrible drought . . . the top soil was blowing away.

To look across the land to see the green pasture is so gratifying. It is also cheaper since we are not having to put hay out for the cows. :D

Almost home. They have had all the excitement of investigating smells of animal tracks, taste a couple of cow patties before we can stop them, as well as having the opportunity to chase a jack rabbit and a deer. Maggie yelps as she runs and is as light as a feather; whereas Luc gets down low, stretches out with tail straight, utters no sound, concentrates all his power like a sprinter, and is very serious. I am happy to say that the jacks and deer always escape. :D But, oh, what fun they have trying.

And, so it goes on the little ranch in the Texas Hill Country. :D

Until next time, God bless.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Straight Out of the Camera Sunday

Murrieta's 365 has a meme every Sunday for those photos that require no tweaking. Cropping is allowed and you must have taken the photo yourself. Check out what others have posted here.

Yum. Dinner.

I had quite a few photos to choose from but decided to use this one. For the record, I left the little creatures on the parsley until yesterday, Friday. They were about three times their size as that in this photo, and it is no wonder since quite a few leaves were gone. lol I took the photos on October 11, 2009. I had no idea caterpillars grew so fast (I'm a first year gardener). I cut the stems where it was and tossed over the fence. Perhaps they will like the grass better than the parsley. :D

Until next time, God bless.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Brenda Photo Challenge - October2009

The theme for this week's Brenda's Photo Challenge is "Highways and Byways." Anyone who wants to join in the challenge is welcomed. The challenges have made me personally pay more attention to whatever theme is chosen, it is fun, your photography improves, and you make some wonderful blogging friends.

I decided to photograph the six miles off US Highway 290W to my house plus a couple of miles past our gate. I might have done a couple of miles more except, but wouldn't you know it, the camera's battery died; and, when I left Friday morning, I forgot to pick up the camera bag with the charged batteries. I had a senior moment until about half way into town.

These lovely sunflowers dot the roadside as we leave Highway 290W to travel back to the house.

Just turned off 290W....good grief! Three cars! Am I on a freeway?

There are lots of curves; some are gentle while others are hard turns.

Aaaaaah, let's stop for a moment to enjoy the peace and quiet of this pasture scene. Please notice all that green stuff........finally, we've had rain -- 13-1/2 inches since September 8.

The low water bridge. I've actually seen the water rushing over the 5 foot mark. It was quite a sight.

This is the reason for the low-water bridge. The water may not look very pretty, but it is welcomed as it has been over a year since there was any water in this creek.

Where others have the beautiful colors of fall all around them, we have these lovely sunflowers dotting the roadsides.

Went a little past our house. I take this back road to the vet's in Johnson City. From the looks of this sign, the teenagers have been doing a little target practice under the cover of night. :D

This is where the camera battery died........but this is a really neat low-water bridge. You have to be careful to check how deep the water is if running across the bridge because there is quite a drop off into the creek.

Hallelujah! Water is under the second low-water bridge!

Don't forget to go here for more highways and byways. :D

Until next time, God bless.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Need Pumpkins?

Are you shopping for some pumpkins? If so, do I ever have a selection for you and for anyone driving into or through Dripping.

I did not know that pumpkins came in so many different colors. Before the season is over, I just might try making some pumpkin butter. :D

Until next time, God bless.