Thursday, April 23, 2009

Garden Report #7 TAAAA-DAAAA!!!

Whew! Assembled - check. I must admit that the assembling of this garden was a little more involved than I thought. It has been a learning experience. We had one hitch that we couldn't do anything about -- the right side is higher than the left side.

Ooops, ground not level, right side about 1 inch higher than the left. Too late to move -- dirt was already in. It is only evident when you put on the So there was only one thing to do, lower the right gate to match with the left one. :D Over all and considering we are less than "moderately" skilled, like none, we didn't do too badly.

Automatic irrigation timer is in.

On our last rain, I caught some rainwater in an extra container which I will use for watering until there is no more at which time I'll hook up the hose for the automatic irrigation system. All we need is a couple of bags of dirt to level the left side, some more plants, a couple of bricks for the center walk around, and some mulch on top to keep the beds moist.

The plants I bought Monday already look like they have grown an inch or so after just 24 hours in Double Thunder, the dirt from Geo Growers.

Until next time, God bless.

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Mary-Austin said...

YAY!! Looks great!! Glad it's done and now the growing can begin!