Sunday, April 26, 2009

Glass Fusing - The Perfect Edge, Coldworking #1

The first coldworking class was every bit as informative as I imagined. Paul, our instructor, had a slide show with the different methods in coldworking glass. I had no idea there were so many different ways, but we will learn the most basic. Glass fusing is a very narrow craft and most of the machines that are used in coldworking glass are manufactured for the stone and woodworking industries and are adapted or modified by individuals to achieve desired results on glass.

This is the demonstration piece which you can see has a very uneven edge.

Paul of Helios is hard at work using a diamond grit sponge to take off the protruding glass. It takes some elbow grease for sure, but you start with a 60 diamond grit, wet sponge working up to at least a 600 or 800 grit. Depending on the edge you want and the desired effect, you can keep going up to a higher grit. The 60 and 120 grit sponges are used to shape the glass with the higher grits smoothing out and refining the edge. I did not think to take a photo of the end result of this demonstration because he put us to work on our own pieces. And, frankly, I was too anxious to get to work to remember to take a photo.

Paul is an excellent instructor. I knew the class was going to be great and it is!

Until next time, God bless.

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Donna said...

Wow!! Pretty project! I'll head on over to Helios!
Happy week sweetie!hughugs