Thursday, April 16, 2009

True Women

I had the great pleasure to attend a luncheon yesterday, April 15, featuring Janice Woods Windle, author of True Women. If you have seen the mini-series, you know True Women is about some early Texas women pioneers, their lives, their trials, and their triumphs. These women are not fictitious but real because they were ancestors of the author and had a lot of grit and courage.

Mrs. Windle told the story of how this book as well as two others came to being written. When Mrs. Windle's son became engaged, she wanted to put together a family cookbook for his fiance'. When going through the collection of family recipes, she noticed the recipes had different handwriting styles as recipes were written by different women through the years. She then decided to write a one page essay about each of the women contributing the recipes. Well, the rest is history because the original manuscript was broken up by her publisher into three parts with the result being made into three different books, True Women, Hill Country: A Novel, and Will's War: A Novel. All are available at Amazon.

Being a fourth generation Texan, I loved the True Women mini-series and promptly ordered the book from Amazon this morning. I bought Hill Country: A Novel at the luncheon and was fortunate enough to get it autographed. I live in the Hill Country -- like it is in the name of my blog -- and can hardly wait to read early history as seen through the eyes of the pioneers that settled this area.

If you like history and strong women, by all means order a copy of one or of all Mrs. Windle's books from Amazon. And, yes, she did write that cookbook and it, too, is available.

Until next time, God bless.

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Mary-Austin said...

I will have to look into her book. I'm also a true Texan - a sixth generation Texan from the Austin/Bryan/Perry family line. Who knows... we could be related!! :0