Thursday, April 23, 2009

Glass Fusing - The Perfect Edge

Saturday, April 25, is the first day of the Basic Coldworking class at Helios Kiln Glass Fusing Center. I am to bring two slumped pieces and two unslumped pieces.

Since everything I have on hand is slumped, I needed to get a couple of pieces done and decided to do a small round dish using Bullseye clear, a cranberry streakie, and a lacy white. I am putting the white over the cranberry, topped with clear, in hopes that it have a very nice effect. We'll see.

I then took the scraps, filled a round form, as a coordinating piece to the first one. And, I am trying something new -- stacking the two pieces in the kiln. The kiln's heating element is in the top only whereas most people that stack trays have the heating element on the side. I'm keeping my fingers crossed all will come out as it should. Again, we'll see. :D I'll let you know if you can give it a try with only a top heating element or it's a big NO, NO.

Until next time, God bless.

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