Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Garden Report #6 (Almost)

We are almost there but not quite finished. Hubby picked up a load of Double Thunder from Geo Growers for the raised beds. Double Thunder is made from non-shrinking compost, composted rice hulls, granite sand, gypsum, and combined with extra organic compost and is ultra-rich! I also mixed in Miracle Gro potting soil along with some bagged compost. We originally purchased the soil from Geo Growers in bulk, i.e., loaded up the truck bed, but Geo Growers also sells dirt by-the-bag, but you have to bag it. We need approximately two bags to level the beds.

The dirt is all in and I placed a few plants in the beds -- will put them in the ground tomorrow after installing the irrigation system. Then, we will top off with shredded hardwood mulch to hold the moisture in.

I recycled, some used, black plastic weed protection under the brick walk-in. I miscalculated and shorted myself two bricks. I am hoping that we can bring the bricks out past the gates and around the entire structure but need to get the gates hung to judge the clearance.

Tadaaaa! It is almost finished. :D

The gates must be installed quickly! Maggie, Luc's lady friend and digger extraordinaire, was sniffing around and in the beds, probably plotting how many holes she should dig and which plants should be destroyed.

Until next time, God bless.


Mary-Austin said...

YAY - it's looking so good. What are you planting??

judie said...

Hey Ms. Lynn, how are you doing? I've got an award for you. Please feel free to visit my site to grab it. Thanks. God bless you. :)

Lynn said...

This morning I planted some yellow squash, zucchini, eggplant, tomatoes and cherry tomatoes, sweet basil, sweet green peppers, two 6-packs marigold and a geranium.

Got to get some extra dirt to level the left bed at which time I'll pick up onions, rosemary, 2 more basil, parsley, thyme, and maybe green beans and peas. I've need to look around the fridge for some garlic; if none, I'll get some. And some strawberries and possibly blackberries.

Is your head swimming? :D

Lynn said...

Thanks, Judie, I'll visit your site before the day is out.

And, God bless you. :D

Mary-Austin said...

Sounds like a well stocked garden to me!!

I think I'm growing much the same things!!

Lynn said...

Mary-Austin, really? You should do some photos of your garden. I want to also add a few more herbs but haven't decided which ones.

I have oregano growing by the utility room door -- I am gearing up to cook more with fresh herbs. I did a research article on the health benefits of herbs which I plan to post, but it is very long.