Saturday, April 3, 2010

Straight Out Of The Camera Sunday

It is Straight Out of the Camera Sunday, a meme by Murrieta 365. There are two rules: 1) photo must be taken by you, and 2) no tweaking. Cropping is allowed.

Since I got another camera a month or so ago, I'm experimenting. This photo was taken in the night mode.

For comparison purposes, this photo was taken during the day.

Even though the rules are no tweaking, I tweaked the night photo. These photo editing programs are fabulous.

Maggie and Luc checking out the 6 yards of "Revitalizer" compost which we spread over our new 20' x 40' garden. Revitalizer is a mixture of 5 different compost combinations which includes turkey dropping compost. :D If all goes as planned, we will have a ton of fresh corn; well, maybe not a ton, but a lot. We tilled the compost into the dirt this morning, but this photo is just after spreading.

I cheated a tad by including the tweaked evening primrose but did so just for a comparison.
For more SOOC, click here.

Oh, btw, I am so sore from all the garden labor that I can hardly walk. But, tomorrow we drive T-posts into the ground to hold the 6' x 20' wire fencing. I've been assured that deer cannot jump over 6' fencing. By tomorrow night, I may be crawling. lol Now we need the hot tub we gave away since we never used it.

Until next time, God bless.


EG Wow said...

Tweaking is fun, but your SOOC is very good!

Hope you get "tons" of corn!

Jan said...

These are wonderful. Are they evening primrose? Glad the new camera is working out.

SquirrelQueen said...

I love the comparisons on the flower photos, isn't it interesting what a change in lighting can do for a scene.

Maggie and Luc look like they are having fun exploring the new scents from the mixture. You should have a really good corn harvest.

Don't work too hard on the garden, but then it does have to be done

Take care,

gengen said...

Great one...happy SOOC Sunday.

DJan said...

Gardening is GREAT exercise, but it seems I don't need to tell you that. :-) :-) I also love the comparison shots to show the differences in the two pictures. Happy Easter to you, Lynn! And I also hope you get that fence up without getting too sore.

shydub said...

Lovely flower. great shot.

Sherrie said...

Great shots. I like the night picture the best and the garden looks awesome. Your sure to get tons of corn. Have a great day!

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