Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Small Garden

Whew! I'm almost through getting this small garden in order. Everything is planted with the exception of tomatoes. I hope to find some Heirloom tomato transplants at Home Depot tomorrow.

The carrot harvest. Hope to have better luck next year.

Planted two rows of basil seeds. I'll be thrilled if 3 or 4 plants come up. If there is room, I'll put in some onion and garlic chives.

Cantaloupe did so well in this location last year -- the space between the Backyard Botanical Garden structure and the fence -- that I'm giving it a second try.

Cucumber was planted in these three recycled molasses tubs. We give the cows molasses throughout the year and I've started using the tubs for container gardening.

This is the new 8 1/2' x 12' addition to the little garden off the Backyard garden structure. I brought in about 10-12 wheelbarrow loads of compost which we ordered last week for the new 20' x 40' garden. I've planted 2 rows of cowpeas (blackeyed peas), a row of green beans in the back, 2 rows of snow peas, 1 row of zucchini squash, and 1 row of green peppers.

To the right is the Backyard Botanical garden structure. Last fall I tilled up this small space for some winter vegetables. Tomatoes will be planted here. I need some more cages because I think there is room for 7 tomato plants. I'm going to plant some marigolds between the tomato plants. Marigolds are thought to be very beneficial to growing tomatoes.

This space is handy for me to use both the Backyard garden and the fence on the left to affix a shade over the tomatoes. Temperatures over 92 degrees keep the flowers from setting fruit and temperatures over 95 degrees burn the leaves. I understand that people have more success with their tomatoes if shaded. To the back is the storage space where I'm covering the ground with black plastic and will put crushed granite on top of the plastic.

Up next: THE 20'x40' GARDEN! Yikes.

Until next time, God bless.


SquirrelQueen said...

Whew is right, it makes me tired to read about all the work you have done. But it will all be worth it when you get your first harvest.

After reading about the tomatoes I think I know where I went wrong the last time I planted some, thanks for the info Lynn.

DJan said...

This is great, seeing what it looks like before the stuff comes up. And I agree with Judy: it makes me tired seeing and reading about all the work you have done already, and the 20x40 garden isn't even in here yet!

Donna said...

I Love it when you Garden! Great idea using the tubs for plants!!