Monday, April 19, 2010

A Day To Remember

Whew! Last week I got a computer virus that switched me to a software company that sells spyware. If you choose to not use their program, it leaves a virus on your computer. Every time I tried to go to my spyware company, PC Tools and/or Spyware Doctor, a message would appear that the server could not be found or the web page could not display. Microsoft has a telephone message that there has been an increase in fraudulent spyware programs that take over your computer and then leaves a virus like described above. Also, no downloads from any type of spyware could be obtained. Finally I was able to get into Spyware Doctor thorough the safe/networking mode. However, that did not take care of the problem.

After many hours of my trying this and that I was able to get into Microsoft and a chat. It took fours hours today to get rid of the virus files. I was on the computer for about 3 hours when the tech guy decided he should call me because I had to restart the computer and I would lose him.
Still I had to go into the safe/networking mode to get to an online scanner which ultimately found the virus and deleted it, I think. I can get into the Spyware Doctor site as well as the Ad Aware site and the online scanner site,; all of which was not available to me until the last online scanner.

Thought I'd pass along the above information should you find yourselves in a similiar situation.

One last word of distress: A pox on those programmers and software companies that use malicious means to mess up your computer.

Until next time, God bless you, my readers.


Lily Robinson said...

What a big headache! I don't understand people that try to create problems for others just for the fun of it. Glad you have it under control now.

FYI: I have a free virus program that I love. When some e-mail friends got hit, I didn't. If you don't trust your software, check out avast. The basic version is totally free and fabulous.

AL said...

I haven't encountered such things yet and I don't like it! Getting rid of virus really is a bummer and sometimes I thought that my tech guy was one responsible for it or am I just paranoid? Well, I hope it'll get fixed soon.

Lynn said...

Thanks, Lily. I will look into it.

DJan said...

I used to get viruses when I had a PC, but since I got my Mac there has been zero problems. Since we retired I decided I'd need something that wouldn't be so vulnerable to viruses. Now you've made me doubly happy I did that. It's not totally virus free but Macs run an operating system that is harder to hack into. Glad you're fixed now, nobody should have such headaches!

SquirrelQueen said...

Sorry to had to go through something like that Lynn, virus attacks are definitely a pain.

If you ever have a screen you have never seen before pop up saying your computer is being attacked by a virus get rid of it, don't click on the fix it message. That is a form of attack. It happened to me one time but I didn't trust it, when I researched it turned out it is pretty common unfortunately.

I use Norton 360, it is about eighty a year but it will catch everything.

Ann said...

Thanks for the warning. I just recently spent a week without my computer because of a hard drive failure. Computer problems are no fun

Donna said...

Morning Girl! Just looking for Brenda Photo Challenge photos...From the sound of things you've been under attack!!!
Hope all got worked out!!
Happy weekend to you!