Monday, April 26, 2010

The Garden Fence

At long last the garden is fenced! Since we kept running into rock when we tried to set some t-posts, we had someone come out to drill the holes at which time I decided that I might as well make the garden like one and a half times bigger than originally planned. We had 4 fence posts left over from a previous project. We also had some used landscape timbers stacked in a pile just in case we needed them again. And, we did - 20 years later for the garden fence. :D

If you look close, you'll see the thistles that were the subject of yesterday's Straight Out of the Camera Sunday photos. I ran over them with the riding mower shortly after those pictures were taken.

The 4' and the 6' gates are hung. We wired one side of a 10 1/2' fence panel instead of stapling it to a fence post so we can swing it out in case we need to get a dump truck loaded with compost, a chicken coop, etc., into the garden.

Hubby with helper, Luc, preparing to plant some corn. Hubby has 6 rows for corn and I get the rest of the garden for something else. (The rainwater collection tanks are in the background.)

I'm resting today. Lugging/dragging around 20' fence panels, wiring up to a post, then stapling to the post is hard work. I'm on top of this hammering business -- I drill the holes slightly smaller first then hammer in the staples. After the planting, next up is some kind of drip watering system.

Until next time, God bless.


DJan said...

Wuf! I was tired just reading about all this activity. Looks good, Lynn!

wenn said...

wow, tedious but worthwhile!

AL said...

I'll just wait for those corn to grow! Hi Luc!

kate said...

I am SO jealous! I got most of my seeds into my tiny 6'x14' veggie bed, but I guess with 0.06 acres of land I should be happy I found space to grow anything :) enjoy all that space and the new fence! I need one to keep my toddler from trampling my plants, she's already dug up half the cilantro seeds and some of the spinach, it will be a miracle if we eat anything I grew this year!

Lynn said...

Kate, have you seen the square foot gardening concept? That idea seems perfect for your space. Build a 4 x 4 raised garden, mark off at 1 foot intervals from 2 sides, plant 16 square feet, i.e., 16 plantings. I'm going to try to enlarge a photo and post in my next blog entry.

PS: I thought I had a problem with my dog, Maggie, digging in my yard side garden, but I can take a more serious approach than you can with a 2 year old. lol

I fenced it off. Here's the link: It is not pretty but works.

Lily Robinson said...

You even planned ahead with a large gate! Good job. Luckily, we don't have the boulder problem here. Mr J uses T-posts with electric wire that he removes each fall... makes it easy to till with the tractor.

I'm anxious to see your irrigation plan!

Lynn said...

Lily, I'm a little annoyed in that the 6' gate is not 6 feet. The latch post is about 12-18 inches to close to the gate hanging post.

The other alternative besides the 10 1/2 foot section of fence that can be swung out is to cut the latch post ground level and hang a 8' gate, i.e., making a 12-13 foot opening with both gates being latched together. I'm mentioning this because I'm not real sure the 10-1/2 foot section will totally swing know, details don't always work the way you want. If nothing else, we can simply detach the fence section on both sides then reattach, but I would like for it to be easy. :D

SquirrelQueen said...

Whew, I need to catch my breath after reading about all your hard work. It looks great and having a section to swing out or remove is a great idea.