Thursday, April 29, 2010

More From The Natural Gardner

Join me in the walk around The Natural Gardener Organic Gardening Headquarters in Austin, Texas.

I could never find the name of this flower.

Looks the same as the one above except in gold.

Lavender blooms.

Correct me if wrong, but think these are hollyhocks. I'm not exactly up on flower names but will soon get there. Remember, people, I'm new to gardening, but I happened to really, really like these two up against a rickety fence.

Blooming Spanish Dagger and aren't those blue pots wonderful?

Another pot arrangement. Pigs must be in this year for every where I looked a pig was used as decoration. :D

These flower decorations are neat and certainly add to a garden's charm.

These sunflowers, though, are my favorite. I may have to go back to pick some up.

Thought these hanging garden candles are cute. Now if I just had a few trees on which to hang, I'd be in business.

More cute pots.

Garden containers of all shapes and sizes. Right now I'm wishing I had an extra $2,000 lying around. I did not dare look at the prices. But aren't these great?!

This spineless cactus is huge.

This lovely garden pocket sits where it is the last thing you see before entering the parking lot.
Hope enjoyed the walk.
Until next time, God bless.


Donna said...

The white and gold flowers look like a type of poppy. And I don't think that the pink ones are hollyhocks. The foliage is not true to that variety. But I can't think of what they would be! Oh, I would LOVE to have some of those metal sunflowers!!! We won't be able to have a big bed of sunflowers at the little villa home that we are building, but those would be a grand substitute! LOL.

DJan said...

I thought the pink flowers were hollyhocks until I read Donna's comment. And yes, all of those wonderful garden decorations are well worth purchasing. If you can afford them, that is. Great tour, and I love the parting statue, it's perfect.

SquirrelQueen said...

I love all the different planters and pots, I could wander around in there all day. The sunflowers are neat, I would have to take one or two of those home with me.

I thought about poppies two when I saw the gold and white flowers but I'm not sure. The pink ones I thought were hollyhocks too until I took a close look at the foliage, I'm not sure.