Sunday, January 18, 2009

This and That

I heard a web address for Get Human on the Kim Komando's show this morning. The site has telephone numbers so you can actually talk to a human being instead of pushing a number, listening to instructions for the next number, then listening for another number, ad nausea, only to arrive at your final destination with no answer to the question that prompted the call in the first place. I looked around the site and it appears to be quite helpful. Check it out for yourself.

I finished reading The Shack, a most interesting book. My husband has a difficult time getting a reading prescription for his glasses..........too long of a story to go into. So, I'll be reading The Shack a second time but out loud to him. I don't know about you, but when reading to myself, I tend to skip ahead if a description is too long or I get a little bored with a conversation or bored with a point the author is making. I tried not to do that when reading this book but found myself skipping every so often. When reading aloud, every word must be spoken, slowing you down, which allows for a greater understanding of the depth the author is conveying to sink in. If you haven't read the book, pick up a copy; the author's concept is most unusual and offers much to consider.

I started the 8 pendant project along with working on an adjustable ring for a friend. There are several new challenges in both projects. . . a different type glass to achieve certain colors and then designing an adjustable ring that has some pizzazz. I haven't fabricated jewelry for several years and discovered I'm out of oxygen for the torch. Dripping Springs is large enough to have a Tractor Supply which carries oxygen refills. :D I'm fairly jazzed just thinking and working on these projects.

The photo on the left shows a small piece of a pendant, which is approximately 6 mm thick, in a workshop vice. It is too thick to break by hand along the score line but need a small piece to shape into a cabochon for the adjustable ring. The photo to the right shows how half-round ring stock is sized on a ring mandrel. Since the ring is to be adjustable, I do not need to be exact. More tomorrow as the work progresses.

Until next time, God bless.

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