Friday, January 2, 2009

On the hunt. . .

I have been on the hunt for accessories for my Nikon Coolpix 4300 camera for the past two days. The hunt started on December 23 after buying a compact flash card at Best Buy which did not work. I found Memory Suppliers on the net, called them and they told me which one would work with the 4300 since the compact flash cards that came with the camera are next to impossible to locate. Memory Suppliers were very helpful and the card was received before the week was out.

It then occurred to me that possibly I'd better get some other items if any were available since the camera is around five years old, or technologically a hundred years old. This has been an experience for this very non-camera person! It was either upgrade the existing camera or get a new one. The Nikon manual is no help in listing accessory lens and other paraphernalia required to make the things fit. I ordered some filters that are way too big which made me realize that just because something says it will fit your camera there may be something else needed. I had to be extra careful in determining if the items offered were new or used. Bottom line and after many hours of research, telephone calls to dealers and finally Nikon, I ordered from Amazon a telescopic lens as well as a wide angle lens with the required step down adapters, I hope. Time will tell when delivered!

This renewed interest in the camera all started with photographing the fused glass jewelry pieces as well as some fused glass bowls, night lights, trays, and etc., for my retail outlet, Plum Wild Glassworks+. Tomorrow I plan to re-work a dichro pendant that was finished with a bail I do not like (photo to right). The piece is quite large - the picture doesn't do it justice - and a friend wants a pendant, some earrings, and possibly a ring, all of which I'm sure can be done. I'll post pictures on the work-in-progress.

Until the next time, God bless.


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Hi Lynn! Happy New Year! I got my copy of the P&P soundtrack from Amazon.