Monday, January 5, 2009

Shop dogs. . . sometimes

Got up this morning to find that about 20 drops of rain had fallen from our very cold, gray skies, temperature still 34 degrees at 10:30 am. The ground is just wet enough for little balls of dirt to cling to doggy paws.

To the left is Luc, our white Lab, whose most favorite thing to do next to eating is retrieving a ball. He takes great pride in sailing through the air to catch it; and when he misses, you can tell he is irked. Maggie, on the right, is our adopted, pound dog and is totally serious. She gets irked with Luc for chasing the ball and tries to herd him by nipping at his hindquarters, neck, or ears. He completely ignores her and she had better not get between him and the ball because he runs right over her.

Maggie is a little lady when I take them into my shop. She lays down, doesn't bother a thing, and patiently watches me as I work. Whereas, Luc, the brat, circles around the shop, looking for something to chew or to pick up to get my attention. It takes about 30 minutes or so for him to settle down. He loves to destroy paper. I'll think all is quiet then turn around to see paper hanging out of his mouth, or a cap, or a glove. . . something! Needless to say, I do not invite Luc too often to join me in the shop....but I keep hoping that with age, he'll be good enough to be allowed in more often.

Need to get out to the shop to work on some things as well as hop on the elliptical for about an hour; so until next time, God bless.


Mary-Austin said...

Hi Lynn,

Thanks for leaving a message on my blog (Organized Chaos)! Photography is something fun and challenging! I love the jewelry you make - it's very pretty! The blue glass piece on your blog is really cool. I love Beth Moore!! My church is doing Esther as well this session but I think this time I'm going to actually go hear her speak each week at her live bible study here in Houston - we're lucky in that she's local!!

Mary-Austin (double first name)

Lynn said...

Thanks, Mary-Austin, for coming by my blog. :D We moved to the Austin area in 1982 but Houston was my home from birth until then.

I attended a Beth Moore session this August in San Antonio. She is terrific! We did The Patriarchs in the Fall of 2007. I envy your being so close to attend live sessions every week.

MilesPerHour said...

Enjoying your posts. You have another follower!

The Logistician said...

Stopped in to check out your blog after noticing it on Blogger's Hlp Group's Coffee Shop. Nice work. Not too cluttered or busy visually. Easy to read articles. Keep it up.