Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sun Shining At Last!

It has been dreary around here for weeks.  BTW, Luc here.  Maggie and I have been cooped up in the house for days because it was either rainy or too cold to stay outside for any length of time.  Remember, Maggie and I are Texas dogs and we are use to mild or hot weather.  Besides, Mom doesn't like for us to track in mud; and when we are wet, we have to go to our crates until we dry out.  Bummer.  My crate is fine for sleeping in at night, unless I decide I want to sleep on the big bed instead of the crate.  Forced occupation of the crate during the day does not agree with me.  Thank goodness it is only for an hour or so until my fur is dry, then it's the couch, floor or big bed. 

We've big happenings around the place.  Another calf was born yesterday, making for three within the last month.  My daily walks are shorten; we stay in the open spaces.  My dad does not take us around where we can slip off into the brush looking for something interesting to chase as in newborn calf.  I guess they do not trust me or Maggie to not give the new calf a chase.  Hmmmm, just the thought of it sends chills down my spine -- it is so much fun to see a cow, calf, deer or rabbit fleeing across the pasture with me hot on their trail.  I get low, straighten my tail to its full length, stretch my neck and nose out as far as I can  -- like an arrow, and put all my strength into speed.    However, you might call me a sprinter because I can go just so far before I begin to slow down.  Maggie  gives chase too; but she is light on her feet, not quite as fast as me, but can go long distances with hardly breaking a doggie sweat or breathing hard.  One of these days we will catch something; I just know it!

This is me in the crate that Mom uses so that I am safe when riding in the car.  I'm waiting to be let out so we can visit the Stonebridge Health Center (below) as part of my therapy dog training.  I've passed everything to be a certified therapy dog except I just can't resist licking whoever comes within the length of my tongue.  I am learning to resist most of the time these days, but it sure is hard.  Mom has taken me to Stay n Play and the health center several times the past few weeks to work on the "no licking" thing.  I just know I'll pass the next time Denise from  Penny's From Heaven tests me.

Yesterday, Friday, Mom took me to The Natural Gardner where I ran into two of the cutest, little girls.  I came up chest high on one of the girls and the other was a bit taller.  They petted me, pulled my ears, held  my tail, and I got a lick or two in several times.  The oldest heard Mom say, "No lick," and then she started saying it.  So, I quit licking them for the most part.  But, they tasted great.  After a few minutes, though, Mom had me lie down away from the girls to give me a little respite from all their attention.  But, I was so excited to meet them.  Nothing is really cuter or more interesting than a little person.  :D

I visited one of the ladies, Betty, staying at the above health center.  The activities director was very excited to see me and is sending Mom a list of residents that want to see me the next time I visit.  Betty is 86 years old and loves my visits.  I have to be pretty calm around her because she is a little frail, but I sure enjoy her attention.

Since the sun is out, I think Mom is planning to work in her gardens today.  She had six cubit feet of soil amendments delivered about ten days ago between rains.  I really like it when Mom works outside.  I love to watch and study her as she moves dirt from one place to another.  Sometimes I plop down right beside her so I can carefully watch her every move.

Geez, I've been on the computer too long and so must say my goodbyes for now.  Until the next time,
God bless.


Rae said...

Luc, you are an amazing dog and so handsome too. It would be fun seeing you out there chasing the critters in the pasture.
I bet everyone loves to have you visit, even if it does involve a big 'ole swipe of the tongue. It's just a big doggie kiss.

DJan said...

Boy, this computer dog blog business has exploded! You are such a competent and fun dog, Luc, and I know everyone smiles when they see you coming. Wonderful to see you on here! Keep me informed as to your progress, since everybody wins when you get certified!

Linda Pruitt said...

In regard to gardening, you sound like that old saying:

I love work! I can sit and watch it for hours!

SquirrelQueen said...

Hi Luc, it's good to see a post from you again. It sounds like things have been busy around your place with all the calves and gardening. We're glad to hear you are working on your training.

The Japanese Redneck said...

I imagine momma cow doesn't want you chasing her baby either.

Luc's momma has a lot of work with all that soil.