Saturday, January 8, 2011

Oh, My Aching Back

Last year I was late getting my garden in shape for Spring planting.  I resolved to not allow that to happen this year.  All that weeding, bending and stooping does a number on my back.  lol  Instead of waiting until after the weeding, etc., is done, I've started taking 3 baby aspirin and a very mild pain medication about 30 minutes before I go outside.  I doubt I've taken more than 10 pills since the prescription was filled in April, 2010, but this past week I've taken at least 5 or 6 and more aspirin than I've taken in a year.  And, I've only concentrated on the little garden at the edge of the yard.  I shutter to think of how stiff I will be after working in the big garden.

This is what the little garden looked like last week -- covered in grass and weeds. 

I finished weeding this one today.  Even though the weeding is work, it is not as much as it is when starting a new garden from scratch.  I rearranged the black edging to suit me which made the garden a little bigger.  I also dug a trench a few inches away from the fence line so it will be easier to cut the grass around it in the summer.  I wanted to do that last year; but, frankly, I was tired of working it.   When the soil is delivered Monday, I'll work more compost and the Rose Magic into the rows.  I did two 1 foot wide rows on each side with a big row of about 3 feet wide in the middle.  I can easily reach into the larger row from both sides to weed.  Now it's a matter of planting veggies with the same water needs. 

I am so excited that The Lady Bug Natural Brand  Soil Yard & Manufacturing headquarters are located about 5 miles from me.  They just opened this week. Previously, I drove into Austin.    Not so now!  Luc and I went by there yesterday.

I ordered 3 cubic yards of their Rose Magic soil and 3 yards of Revitalizer compost which is to be delivered Monday.  Lady Bug is mixing the soils together for me which is a big help. 

You can bag it yourself or purchase it already bagged.  I picked up a couple of bags to work into the little garden while I'm waiting for the delivery of the 6 cubic yards on Monday.  Next time I buy the smaller quantity, I'll bag it myself; but since I've much more bending and stooping to do, my back told me to get the prepackage bags. 

I bought a few cold weather veggies at Home Depot so I can get started doing some planting right now.  I'm looking for strawberry plants which I think The Natural Gardner has in stock.  I plan to run into Austin after church since I'm half way to Austin anyway.  I maximize my trips; I never do one thing.  There are usually 3-4 or more errands to do when I leave my house. 

Until next time, God bless.


SquirrelQueen said...

Oh my goodness Lynn, my back is aching just thinking about the spring weeding and gardening and I have a postage stamp sized area compared to yours. You are going to have everything in great shape come spring.

We had a dusting of snow this evening and more on the way. Spring seems so far away right now.

DJan said...

I woke to snow sitting deep on the branches of my tree, and as SquirrelQueen says, spring seems far away right now. I hope the aspirin is helping, though.

gengen said...

Gardening is fun even there are lots of work to do. Happy SOOC Sunday.

Donna said...

That garden plot is looking great! Gardening is hard, hard work! Can't believe tht you can already plant in your area. I look outside and see 3-4 inches of snow! LOL.

The Japanese Redneck said...

Oooh, that's gonna be a lot of compost and soil to work with.

Inspector Clouseau said...

Great shots.

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