Monday, January 24, 2011

Back to Dreary

We had a couple days of sun shine, but come Sunday, it was back to dreary.  In a way, I didn't mind too much because it is kind of nice to work outside with a slight mist in the air.  I slept late and was totally surprised that the clock showed 10:10 AM when I got up.  I woke up several times Sunday morning, peeked with one eye outside and thought it was about 7 or 8 AM.  lol  No way I could get to church at 11:00 AM. 

The hay was low and hubby wanted me to help him get another round bale out for the cows. I slipped on my yellow boots with the idea that I'd take the wheel barrow over to the big garden and guide hubby so he would be in the right position to load the bale on the hay hauler. Then, I would fill the wheel barrow with some dirt to take over to the little garden to unload when I felt like it. Well, 3-1/2 hours later I came in the house to eat breakfast at about 2:45 PM.  I cleaned out the raised herb garden, laid out the drip irrigation line, and planted 30 strawberry plants in the little garden.

After getting my veggies in the ground last year and finding destructive insects on those plants, I read up on companion planting, i.e., certain veggies, flowers, and herbs that either attracts good insects or repels them.  I vowed this year to follow a companion planting plan.  Would you believe that onions are a good companion plant to strawberries?  Onions keep away aphids, weevils, spiders, and nematodes.  Borage is also a good companion plant in that it attracts beneficial insects such as pollinators and predatory wasps.  There are other plants considered to be companions to strawberries, such as sage, beans, and peas, but I had an onion set ready to be planted and borage seeds on hand.  Borage is an excellent companion to many veggies.  You don't want to plant beans or peas around onions; they do not like each other.  Marigolds are also an excellent companion to strawberries and  most veggies.  Bottom line, tomorrow I'm planting onions, borage and marigolds along side the strawberries.

If you are interested in gardening organically, look around the Internet for information on companion planting guides.  I've decided for the most part which veggies to plant, but my head starts to spin when trying to follow what to plant when, where and with what on all the various veggies.  So, I'm choosing one item at a time to plant now then read up on its companion.  Today, it was strawberries.

BTW, pop over to Weather Vane to enter her first Official unofficial Blog Giveaway - a hand painted, blue ceramic measuring spoon holder.  Isn't it cute?  You'll love her blog commentary.  Rae is an extremely good writer, very clever and funny. 

Until next time, God bless.


Rae said...

I can't believe you actually have green grass there. Ours is that yucky dull winter brown. It won't turn green for several more months. Sounds like you have been really busy. I wish I could get outside so I could "play" in the dirt. I am ready to do some flower gardening. And...good luck with the giveaway.

DJan said...

You just reminded me I need to make a link to Rae's site for the giveaway. And that was quite the late breakfast, Lynn! Companion gardening seems like such a good idea. I look forward to seeing your progress this summer.

The Japanese Redneck said...

I just luv that herb garden. I'm going to try and do much better with my herbs this year.

SquirrelQueen said...

I am so envious that you have weather to work in the garden. We have had two or three weeks of nice weahter but snow is expected tomorrow.

I'm catching up, I've barely had time to sit down to the computer all week. The posts are some I had in draft and reworked a little.