Monday, January 24, 2011

Midnight Excitement

Last night around midnight as I was writing Dreary Again, the post just before this one, Maggie suddenly started sniffing, snorting, jumped off her sleeping chair, ran around the room, and over to the back door.
Next I heard Luc's tags jingle;  Luc was sleeping on the big bed behind the closed bedroom door.   I got up from the computer, quietly opened the bedroom door, and found Luc looking out the bedroom door to the outside.  Naturally, Luc had awaken hubby who had turned in for the night around ten.

Don't let the pearls fool you, Maggie is a guard dog extraordinaire.

Maggie was having a fit, running around, snorting, sniffing, low growling, ringing the bell on the door to go outside and Luc trotting in from the bedroom; both on high alert.  I turned on the porch lights, opened the back door and both dogs bolted into the night.  Maggie was in her guard dog stance, barking, growling, and ready to take on whatever lurked in the dark outside the fence.  Luc was on high alert, but he hardly ever barks  and I've never heard him growl until last night.  I ran back into the house to get the spotlights.....grrr, both of which had not been charged in a while.  I switched one on, bright light then dimmed down to almost nothing.  I switched on the second spotlight, dim light to completely off. 

In answering Maggie's and Luc's barking and growling, I heard a low menacing yip, yip, yip with an attempt to howl.  The dogs really got excited and started charging towards the fence.  They may have been able to see beyond in the dark, but I couldn't.  Whatever was on the other side in the dark, it kept making the same noise -- yip, yip, yipping with a try at howling -- as it got closer.  When the dogs started rushing the fence, I brought them back in the house. 

And wouldn't you know it, the infrared outdoor camera was in the house because I had to charge those batteries a few days ago.  I just hadn't gotten around to mounting the camera outside.  It will be mounted before the sun sets tonight.  :D  I checked on the calves this morning and the older two look fine; the youngest one which was born last Thursday night or early Friday morning may have a problem.  I'm not sure but something doesn't seem quite right.  I plan to watch her closely the next day or so.  If what I saw clears up, okay; if it doesn't, I'll get the vet to come out to check her. 

I searched the house over for the chargers for both the spotlights. The last time I charged, I put the chargers in a special place so I could quickly grab them when needed. I forgot where the special place was. Drat. However, this morning I remembered and both chargers were there. The spotlights are being charged as I write. Don't know about you, but this happens every time I need a spotlight; no light. Hopefully, this time is the last and will place charging spotlights on a monthly schedule, like the first of every month.

Bottom line, I cannot identify the critter that created the disturbance last night.  It was canine, either a coyote or fox most likely.  It's eerie and a bit scary when you hear strange sounds beyond the light.  But, I'd rather know it was a critter because our area has experienced some daytime burglaries.  Again, better daytime burglaries than night, but one never knows.

I'll keep you updated if and when we identify the critter.

Until next time, God bless.


Lily Robinson said...

We've got all kinds of critters that visit in the night. It took Sadie a while to learn she didn't have to tell us every time a raccoon walked across the lawn. Fortunately, we don't let the goats into the woods that border our property. It is full of thorny growth that two-legged critters have a hard time penetrating.

Glad you're charging those lights!

Lynn said...

I've never seen Maggie act the way she did last night. She was asleep in the house when next I heard her snorting, sniffing, leaping out of the chair, etc. The windows are closed, except maybe one or two are not locked with a possible outside air seepage into the house.

Rae said...

Good thing you have the dogs to let you know that something is amiss outside. It amazes me how sharp dog's senses are. I hope they aren't in any danger from whatever is out there though. I bet you'll be prepared for it tonight and I hope you find out what it is.

DJan said...

Those doggie noses are so sensitive, I'm sure she heard and smelled whatever it was. I hope you get it on camera, and I'll bet it was a coyote. At least I think it was. Isn't that the way it always goes? Just when you need the light, it's gone... :-)

Lynn said...

Rae, we keep a close watch on our dogs and our yard is fenced. They are in and out of the house during the day and always in the house at night. When we take them out for potty at night, we usually stay outside with them. They are never outside the yard fence without our being with them.

When the dogs started charging the fence last night, I brought them in so they would not get into a fight with whatever was on the other side. :D I'm not about to let my dogs get hurt if humanly possible.

BTW, the wildlife camera is now mounted on the fence just waiting for movement to start snapping pictures.

EG Wow said...

Strange sounds in the night are sooo creepy! Maggi looks great in pearls. :))

Donna said...

Thank goodness for those guard dogs!

The Japanese Redneck said...

Maggie looks soo cute with her pearls on. Looks like she's ready for a night on the town.

SquirrelQueen said...

Nice to have the dogs to sound the warning when something is happening outside. The yip, yip howl sounds like a coyote. Maybe you can catch it on the camera.