Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Winter Solstice Lunar Eclipse

I stayed up to watch the Winter Solstice moon eclipse last night.  It has been close to four centuries (others say five centuries) since an eclipse of the moon on this day.  Whether it is four or five centuries, it definitely was worth staying up late to see.  Also, December 21st is my husband's birthday.

The moon appeared in our sky in the late afternoon and grew incredibly bright before the eclipse started.  I tried to take pictures as the eclipse progressed, but my camera was not doing a good job.  I may have had more success if the Canon camera was not back at the factory repair center.  Nevertheless, I found a time-lapse video here

I may have watched a moon eclipse years and years ago, but I do not remember specifically.  While it makes sense that as the moon is blocked the stars disappear,  I was surprised to see no stars and a completely black sky. I couldn't miss an event that hasn't happened in centuries.  :D

Until next time, God bless.


DJan said...

Good picture anyway, Lynn. I got up to see the eclipse but it was clouded over.

The Japanese Redneck said...

Cool video, we missed it. Had some sadness yesterday and just went to bed.

Glad you got to watch it.

Rae said...

That is an awesome photo. It was snowing and cloudy here so I did not get to watch the eclipse. It must have been fascinating to see.

SquirrelQueen said...

Our skies cleared up early in the evening and I thought maybe we would get to watch. Unfortunately thick ice fog moved in before the eclipse. Thanks for the video Lynn.

Crafty Sue said...

How lucky to see it!
We had bad weather in Italy and so it was impossible to see.
Lynn, I wish you a Happy Christmas and a Bright New year as I will be away from my computer for a while.
Happy Holidays!

Lily Robinson said...

I so wanted to stay up and see it, but I had a grandbaby here with me and needed to get up early. It was very cloudy anyway, so I probably didn't miss much. I just hold on the fact that it happened in my lifetime...lol

I'll check out the video from your link. Thanks.

Lily Robinson said...

I watched it and it was SO amazing! I posted it to my facebook wall.

Apron Senorita said...

To my fellow Texas Blogging Gal, I hope your Christmas is filled with joy, peace, and love.

Merry Christmas!
Apron Senorita

SquirrelQueen said...

Hi Lynn, I just wanted to stop by and wish you a very Merry Christmas.