Thursday, December 2, 2010

Just Another Lazy Day in the Texas Hill Country

The most exciting thing to happen today is a new kitchen faucet was installed.  The old one, maybe 4 years, has been a constant irritation since almost the get-go.  We'd have to position it just right or it dripped; and when you you use rainwater for household use, every drip is precious, particularly when you are in the Texas hill country where we may have a drought one, two or three years in a row.



This one is much more complimentary to the backsplash than the other faucet.  I actually bought that one before choosing the tile.  Not very good planning, I admit. 

Then for a little levity, I took a picture of Maggie relaxing in her chair.  Poor thing, Luc makes sure I give most of my attention to him.  :D  

You might have noticed that all my furniture is covered with something.  Why?  Because it is washable and I don't fret over the fact the dogs are on the furniture.  I also removed the bedspread from our bed and replaced with washable (kind of ugly) blankets/covers.  There was time I freaked out if a dog jump on the furniture; but as life goes on, one mellows out.  BTW, Maggie was kind of indecent....hope you like the flowers.  lol

Until next time, God bless.

PS:   This is the 399th blog entry!  I didn't know there was so much to write about.


Laura said...

There is nothing like a simple change to spruce things up!
How has your weather been?
Ours goes back and forth )in South Texas).

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DJan said...

I laughed at those flowers, even before you explained them. Covers that can be removed make a lot of sense to me!

Charlene said...

That is such a nice thing to get done.

We got 6 inches of rain this month in Louisville. This was after no rain for 2 months!

Crafty Sue said...

LOL... Maggie is totally relaxed... thanks for the smile.

The Japanese Redneck said...

I busted out laughing when I saw the flowers. Funny!

I like the faucet.

SquirrelQueen said...

I like your new faucet, I just replaced a leaky one too.

Having a cat in the house I do the same thing with the furniture. It's easier to wash a quilt than clean upholstery. Maggie looks completely relaxed, love the placement of the flowers.

Anitra Cameron said...

Oh, I have lived with one of those you-have-to-get-it-positioned-just-right faucets! Glad you got a new one!

Saw your comment over at Linda's, and wanted to extend a personal invitation to join up with the Friday Fence Posts party! I was born in Texas, and would love to see more of it, and what would be more perfect than Friday Fence Posts? (Gobbled up the view out your kitchen window, too, by the way. So different from my urban NW one...)

Love the shot of Maggie and her fancy "underwear"! And totally approve your idea to cover the furniture. Maybe that's what I should do in my living room, cuz my Ceili LOVES the sofa.