Monday, December 6, 2010

Oh Boy, Ooh Boy, Ooooh Boy

Oh boy, ooh boy, ooooh boy did I ever have a great time Saturday at the Christmas On Mercer Street fair, Stay n Play Pet Ranch, Home Depot and back to Stay n Play.  It's Luc here.  Mom took me on a field trip to end all field trips. 

First, we went to Stay n Play so I could run around on the agility equipment.  I did the ring jump, the bar jump, weave poles, climbed an A frame, walked a raised 12" board, and crawled through a dog tunnel.  The tunnel is too small for me to run standing up; but when Mom throws treats into the tunnel, I'll crawl anywhere.

Next, we went to Home Depot where I met a lot of new people.  I must have a friendly face and am handsome because when people see me they start ooooowing and aaaaawing.  In a way it is embarrassing; however, seeing and meeting people is totally awesome and exciting.  New and strange smells hit my nose from everywhere.  I'd get a kiss or two in before I hear that "enk" sound, which means no, from Mom.  At one point I got so annoyed hearing that sound that I turned my back to the object of my affection and sat down.  That showed 'em.

The high point of the trip was the Christmas on Mercer Street! 

People, strollers, horses, rides and food were all over the place.  Bands and singers were belting out Christmas music from the stage.  I walked through the crowd without embarrassing my mom.  Also, I'm getting the Christmas spirit and am wondering what Maggie and I will get for Christmas, maybe some special treats and a new toy or two.  Maggie doesn't particularly like toys, but I do!  Balls are my favorite.

Tents and vendors lined 4 blocks along Mercer Street -- that's about 1 block in New York or Houston speak.

After the Christmas music, some local dance studio students performed on stage.  One group was doing some kind of a dance with fans, but Mom couldn't get her camera out of her purse quick enough to take a picture.

Kids (eye-candy to me) were riding ponies.

This is me in my uniform behaving myself but inwardly drooling over the eye-candy (kids).  I like nothing better than to cozy up to a kid except chasing a ball .  Kids smell strange but exude so much energy. 

This is a weird looking ride but the kids seem to enjoy it.  The thing pulling it looks just like the riding mower Mom uses when cutting the grass at home.

Our local fire department was there along with a couple of sheriff's deputies.

Now this is the biggest, four-legged animal I've ever seen.  Thank goodness my mom did not get me real close.  I may not have been able to control myself to not bark and lunge at it.  That is one big, big horse and I don't think it would have reacted in the same way that the cows do...........i.e., run away.  It looks like it would have stood its ground and I would have looked very foolish giving my most fierce bark while it simply looked at me.  And besides, we might have been kicked out of the fair for making a commotion because a couple of deputies were standing a few feet outside the picture frame.

Lastly, we went back to Stay n Play for a Canine Touch seminar.

Donna showing Mom and others how to use a touch technique to redirect energy and tension to reduce stress and pain that we canines' experience and cannot tell our companions where it hurts.  I can understand a lot of words spoken by my human but for some reason my human cannot understand what I'm saying.  Hrrrrump, humans think they are soooooooo smart; but, to tell the truth, I wonder.

Emmett, who is shy, reluctantly volunteered to be part of the demonstration. He looked a little nervous at first when peering over the table to the floor, but after a while he settled down when Donna started working on him.  

This is Chopper who is really a neat guy.  He is enrolled in the next therapy dog class and I am looking forward to getting to know him better.  He's my kind of guy because he likes to hang his tongue out on the side of his mouth just like I do.

This is Otis, the biggest, darned German Shepherd I ever laid eyes on.  He makes me look like a shrimp, but he is a gentle giant and the nicest dog you'd ever want to meet. 

Well, that's it for one of the most exciting days ever.  It was an oh boy, ooooooh boy, oooooooooh boy kind of day.  But, as mentioned before, I have to sneak into the computer room when Mom is out of sight; so, I'd better click on the publish post and get away from here before caught.

Until next time, God bless.


The Japanese Redneck said...

Wow, Luc - you did a lot of things on Saturday!

DJan said...

Oh, Luc, you are just the best doggie, and to bring me along on your adventures through this blog, well I am truly and totally BLESSED. What fun this was!!!

SquirrelQueen said...

Goodness Luc, you and your mom had a very busy Saturday. It looks like you had lots of fun and even met some new friends.

Fotobloggen 2010 said...

weird for me those outside photos at this time of year, we have about 50 cm's of snow :-)
My dog would love the agilityplace, as a retired agilitychampion he takes all chances he can to do some of that The candleholders in my post are real apples, matched with pure moss in a bowl. looks great and it works well, just beware when the candles are short.