Thursday, December 9, 2010

My Camera

I sent my new Canon camera to the factory service center on November 29th.  I was thrilled when I received it back from the center on Wednesday, December 8. 

This photo was taken the night the repaired camera was received.  The flash popped up as it was suppose to do and the shutter did not stick.  Looks good.

This photo was taken tonight, the second day that the repaired camera was back in its home.  The flash did not pop up and the shutter stuck.  Doesn't look good.

This was taken today also.  The shutter stuck.  Really, really does not look good.

A disgruntled email was sent to Canon this evening.  A copy of the email and the camera along with these three photos will be sent to the factory service center tomorrow, Friday.  Since the camera was purchased in February of this year, I suggested a replacement camera.  This going back and forth to the repair center is not setting well with me. We'll see if Canon honors that request.  :D

Until next time, God bless.


SquirrelQueen said...

Aw Lynn, I'm sorry to hear your camera did not get properly repaired. It does sound like they need to give you a replacement. Hope it all works out and they don't give you any more hassles.

DJan said...

Hope they do the right thing for you, Lynn. The pictures look awful, but the new look on your blog looks GREAT.

The Japanese Redneck said...

Uh oh, that's aggrevating.