Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Yea! Snow! And, Lost Dogs

Yea! We got about 2-3 inches of snow today.

I took this around 7:30 to 8:00 AM, but it snowed most of the day.

Dog trot which encircles the house. lol

Never having seen snow, both dogs would not leave the porch until I walked off into the snow.

Maggie decided to eat it to see if she could figure out what was that white stuff. It was interesting watching them be leery of the snow and investigate.

Once both dogs decided that the white stuff was not going to eat them, the rough housing was on.

Maggie usually starts it.

They had a big time.

Maggie holds her own against Luc.

We looked out the window to see two lost dogs making a run at our cows. By the time I slipped into my yellow, rubber boots and was out the door, both dogs were standing in front of the yard gate, no doubt hoping it would magically open. They were very happy to see a human. This rescue mission turned out much better than the one in December because I did not get a broken bone and make a trip to the doctor. Fortunately, the Great Pyrenees had tags. The other one did not. I reached the owner who was scouring the area for her dogs. She was only 3-4 minutes away from my house.

She was amazed that her dogs had traveled so far from her house which is about 25 minutes from mine. We don't necessarily deal in miles around here but in minutes from one place to another. lol She mentioned that her dogs almost never leave their property, but probably in all the excitement of the snow they got off and could not smell their way back home because of the snow. Anyway, she and her son picked up the dogs and away they went.

We've had quite a few lost dogs appear over the years, and I am always glad that we can help get them back home.

Until next time, God bless.


Kcalpesh said...

Even in the snow and cold, the two seem to be enjoying their time out...

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SquirrelQueen said...

Looks like it didn't take long for Maggie and Luc to get used to the snow. They seem to be having a great time.

Glad to hear the dogs got home safely. Couldn't smell their way back home? Maybe their noses were cold.

wenn said...

wonder if they do feel the coolness of the snow.