Saturday, February 27, 2010

Cabbage From The Garden

As a first year veggie gardener, I've been trying a little of this and that to see what grows well for me , i.e., meaning that I'm not known for a green thumb. :D For winter crops, I planted a small space with broccoli and cabbage. The main reason for wanting to grow cabbage, as well as broccoli, is that I've read how both these vegetables may give extra protection against the growth of cancer cells. Here is an article that I just ran across today. I do not buy into all that is "thought," but if eating certain veggies or fruits give you an edge over cancer or other serious illnesses, bring it on. I'll include it in my diet if it is the least bit palatable, except Brussel sprouts. If there is a health benefit to that vegetable, I'll pass.

I've been holding off harvesting the cabbage since I could not forget seeing little, green worms turning the leaves into lace. Look, I'm a city girl through and through and only know to visit a grocery for fresh fruit and vegetables. But with this recall and that recall, I do not overly trust the grocery; hence, the garden. I'm also trying to overlook the fact that insects are around when growing your own. I abhor creepy, crawlie things.

Ten years ago I planted a tomato bush. One day I stopped to break off some suckers, etc. When I pulled my arm away from the bush it was covered with green horn worms. I freaked out. I never touched the bush again and it died. Last year was my first attempt in 10 years to grow tomatoes. It was a bad year for tomatoes for all, but rest assured, every time I was fiddling around the tomato bushes, I was on the lookout for green horned worms.

I'm doing a pot of pinto beans for dinner tonight. I've always seasoned my beans with ham or bacon but have sworn off pork for a variety of reasons. I'm trying to get a good flavor in the beans which is not happening at the moment. Hubby thought cole slaw would be good along with the beans which is why the cabbage was harvested. The cabbage made it through an ice storm in January and this week's snow.

When slicing the cabbage, I looked for dead green worms trapped between the leaves but nary a one was found. Seasoned gardeners are probably laughing their heads off at me. Instead of cole slaw, I mixed up an all-in-one dish of extra lean, ground round, onions, garlic, cabbage, carrots, and corn. The cabbage was very tasty and there are three cabbage heads yet to be harvested.

Spring is just around the corner. What are your gardening plans? Are you preparing your garden for Spring plantings? If so, veggies, flowers or combination? Will you be buying plants or start from seed?

Until next time, God bless.


Butterfly Gardener said...

Happy almost spring!!! I have potatoes planted in the garden and onion sets needing to be set tomorrow. In the greenhouse I have mesclun, green onions, parsley, and chives and an assortment of flowers. I have bought some plants and started some from seeds.

Lynn said...

You are on your way for sure. I should try some potatoes or is it too late to get them in?

I've green onions in, flat leaf and curly parsley, rosemary, three kinds of thyme, garlic, sage, cilantro,a few carrot seeds have come up, and a little peat pot with mustard greens. Don't know if I'm to transplant the mustard greens to a larger pot or put in the garden. Maggie dug up the mesclun; I probably should give it another try.

I did not realize how much I had until writing this reply. I want strawberries, corn, squash, tomatoes, maybe eggplant.

wenn said...

at times there are earthworms in the cabbage.

SquirrelQueen said...

That is a good looking cabbage, you are making me hungry. I love it steamed with lots of black pepper and pinto beans would be a yummy with it.

I will mostly be planting flowers. I can grow almost any flower and it will flourish but for some reason I have a black thumb when it comes to vegetables. I always have strawberries and raspberries. Maybe I will try some sort of greens or corn this year. I buy plants and always feel guilty when they die.

Donna said...

We tried growing our own cabbage once but we couldn't stay ahead of the green worm munchers, LOL. We dusted with Sevin a couple of times, but they continued undeterred. Now that we have sold our country acreage, we won't be having a garden anymore. We'll have a few pots of herbs on the porch of our new villa later on this summer though!

Butterfly Gardener said...

My potatoes have only been planted a week or so now so you should be able to still plant some. The old timers in this area always claim that valentines day is tater planting day, but I'm always working that day and we had bad weather then.

I'm sure we will have lots of tomatoes and peppers plants in the Garden as well. It'll be about a month before I can plant those outside.

AL said...

Hmm I love cabbages especially when it's half done. I tried so many times growing some veggies in the backyard but I always fail, why? My dogs keep on peeing on them!


JamaGenie said...

Congratulations! I too am a city girl through and through, but moved into an apartment with no patio or balcony partly to make friends stop asking "Why don't you have a garden?". Obviously they forgot my numerous, abysmal attempts at growing anything but weeds. I rely instead on the overabundant gardens of said friends and a local fruit-vegetable stand, comfortable at last in the knowledge that I didn't inherit the Green Thumb gene from dozens of my farming ancestors. (-: