Monday, February 8, 2010

Do You Like Sugar and Milk with Your Tea?

I have a small collection of teacups. Too bad I did not think to start collecting when teacups could be found in the $3-4 range at flea markets and garage sales. But that old supply and demand principle came into play a few years back. And, I do not like just any handle; it has to big enough to comfortably slip your finger through it. Although, I take my tea in coffee mugs, etc. These sit in an antique hutch. lol

The one on the left was given to me as a Christmas present and the one on the right was picked up at Fredericksburg Trade Days for a steal. :D

I do not remember when or where I got the one on the left but the cup on the right was found in an antique shop in Colorado. I love this cup as well as the next one.

This one was also found in Colorado.

A friend gave me this set as a birthday gift.

These two are my favorites. I keep trying to find one that is equal to the ones above or outshines them. So far, no luck, but I keep looking in antique stores or flea markets.

Do you drink tea? If so, what kind? Do you like sugar and/or milk? Sugar, yes - one lump or two? Tell me about your tea drinking habits.

Until next time, God bless.


Donna said...

Those are lovely sets! Wow! I grew up with an Irish mom who added a little tea to her heavily sweetened milk, LOL. She just THINKS she is drinking tea! And, ever the contrary daughter (who is absolutely nothing like my mom), I like my tea plain.

Rae said...

They are so beautiful. For some reason tea just tastes better in a pretty teacup. I don't drink it often, but when I do I like herb tea with a touch of honey.

Lynn said...

I am more into herbal teas or herbal mix with green. On my next shopping trip in Austin, I plan to pick up a variety of real tea. I prefer lemon and honey though when drinking a traditional tea.

DJan said...

Lynn, these are just beautiful. I can see why you would collect such elegant teacups. And Rae's right: everything tastes better in a cup like these!

kate said...

My grandmother had a similar tea cup collection, no two were the same. even when I was a little child I've always wanted the collection, and when she died my mother gave them to me. Sadly, they sit all safely wrapped in a box in my attic since we don't have room to display them, but someday I hope to, they're just a beautiful as yours and I bet they all have a story too. I just wish my grandmother had told me the stories before she died.

And yes, I LOVE tea, mostly just herbal stuff right now, but green tea sometimes too. And I'll take it with milk if one of my British friends makes it for me, I can never get the milk right otherwise :) Thanks for sharing your tea cup collection!

Lynn said...

Kate, the fact the teacups were your grandmother's is a story in itself. :D

hip chick said...

I love your teacups! I have had to cut way back on my beautiful coffee... : ~( But I have acquired a taste for good tea. I don't like Lipton or any of the "normal" kinds. Check out the Portsmouth Tea Company. They make some delicious tea.

SquirrelQueen said...

What a beautiful collection of teacups. I go through phases with tea but it's been awhile since I have had any. Usually I like it plain but sometimes with a touch of milk.

Annie said...

Lovely tea cups, Lynn. I do enjoy a cup of tea in the mornings. And I drink from a pretty mug. Milk, no sugar thanks!
Thanks for your recent visit to my blog. I have been very slack at visiting. The little grandson has been keeping me busy!