Monday, February 8, 2010

Let Me In, Please

Let me in, please. I want to sleep on the bed.

Aw, come on. Pleazeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Luc pushed up against the door which was not closed too well. The door crashed open and in he went, jumped on the bed, settled down quickly in his assigned spot. I did not have the heart to make him come out.

Until next time, God bless.


DJan said...

Awww. Luc seems to be a very well behaved doggie most of the time, Lynn, so you did right by letting him stay. Nice pictures of a gentle creature.

Linda said...

Luc, I believe you have a good thing going there. Don't mess it up. Try it again tonight and see how it works.

Lynn said...

DJan, Luc is gentle until he sees a person, another dog besides Maggie, or a ball at which time he becomes hyper-exuberant -- hence my cracked ankle bone.

I'm working diligently on obedience training when someone comes, going in and out of the house/gate, or when I pick up the ball. :D When the ankle is completely healed, I'll first take him to the vet. I always check the office anyway to see if there are any animals in the waiting area before taking him out of the car. If there are no animals and if he gets out of hand, I can let go. Next, when I'm fairly sure he is under control, it will be Tractor Supply and/or Home Depot. Both places welcome dogs.

I am completely determined that he behaves himself so no more bones are broken. The cracked ankle is not the first injury that Luc caused; it is more like the third or fourth, albeit it is the worst. lol He is 90 pounds of white lightning.

MOO said...

Luc looks like my Aunt's lab. His name is Moses, and I do believe he's allowed to sleep on the bed!

Rae said...

Luc and my Piper would be quite the pair together. They are so much alike. Piper is a bed hog. He has his own bed, but prefers mine. His half is down the middle and I am left to hang on the edge. I read your response to DJan. I think it is a lab trait for them to get so excited. They love people so much it just thrills them and they show exuberance as a result. I haven't had training success in stopping it.

Lynn said...

Rae, I'm sure you've tried as I have; but this time, he is going to learn. However, check back with me in a couple of months. lol

I'd like to take him on more field trips if he would behave. It is not like I haven't done obedience classes and tried to be fairly consistent. Apparently, I haven't been consistent enough and in all honesty have allowed him to get by with stuff. I need Caesar, the Dog Whisperer.

SquirrelQueen said...

Luc looks so sweet and innocent. I was reading the comments and it sounds like you are really working on the training. Good luck and no more broken bones.