Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Best of 2009, Brenda's Photo Challenge

The Brenda's Photo Challenge is back! Somehow I missed her announcement until last night that there was to be a challenge for this week. At first, I did not think I could get in on it; however, it was easier than I thought because these three photos quickly came to mind.

This precious darling is not mine but saw her at Fredericksburg Trade Days in July. How about that bow?! Isn't it awesome? And look her coloring -- deliciously pink and flawless.

Love these flowers on the prickly pear cactus. I'm guessing but think the brown spots deep in the flowers are bees gathering pollen. Good grief, who can remember since the photo was taken in the spring.

Me and my shadow, Luc. Where I go outside, he goes. Inside, Luc watches every move. A note of vanity here: shadows are not particularly flattering. Check out the tree trunk legs, the baggie T shirt and the tiny head with a teeny hat. lol

Check out more 2009 favorites here.

Until next time, God bless.


DJan said...

Oh Lynn, these are wonderful shots. Who could not smile at the beautiful pink bow? Gorgeous cactus flowers, and wow what a tiny head!!

Donna said...

Hahaha!!! What a little cutie she is! LOVE the bow!! Somebody fixed her up Really cute!!
Good looking shadow Girlie!!Hahaa!!
Better than mine would be!!

Nita Jo said...

I love your photos! The bow on that baby is so sweet. Also love the shadow images of you and Luc!

Nita Jo

Donna said...

What a darling little girl! Beautiful rich colors! Love the cactus picture too. You don't dare reach in and try to pick one of those blooms, LOL. And as far as the shadow is concerned, mine would look like a big, round ball!

Brenda said...

I must have a bow like that! I remember the shadow shot! These are wonderful Miz Lynn!!

Donna said...

LYNN! I'm SO Sorry, but I discovered that the new linky blue button wasn't showing for you to link to on The Brenda Photo Challenge!! Can you please come back over and re-enter? It's fixed now!! Leave me a comment on how you like it?!!! Don't hit me!!!Hahaa...Thanks!!

antigoni said...

Great photos!

Butterfly Gardener said...

Wonderful pictures from 2009! I can't wait til the weather warms up and the cactus bloom again!

SquirrelQueen said...

Wonderful photos Lynn, perfect choices for the challenge. I remember the baby & bow from this summer, it is an unforgettable shot. I also remember the shadow, it another one of my favorites. The cactus is just gorgeous.