Friday, January 1, 2010

2010, Day 1

If you want to insure good luck, health, and wealth for the New Year, you are not Texan if black-eyed peas and cornbread are not on the menu. The black-eyed pea tradition started during the War Between the States since that was all that was left when Union soldiers raided southern farms. Black-eyed peas was cow feed by those from the North and not worthy of taking. Here is a lot more info on the tradition -- much of which I did not know. Eating black-eyed peas on New Year's was simply something you did -- the background info was not particularly important.

Since I've been limited by a bummed ankle, I cheated this year by opening cans instead of starting with dry peas. Actually, I asked hubby to get the peas and he did -- two cans. One cannot be overly choosy when hubby is doing the shopping.

I also cheated on the cornbread, used Jiffy instead of making from scratch. I have the ingredients, but what the heck? Open a package, crack one egg, pour 1/3 cup milk and stir is much easier than gathering, measuring, sifting, etc.

Hubby and I are now insured to have a prosperous, healthy, and happy 2010. I hope you do too!

Until next time, God bless.


Rinkly Rimes said...

Oh dear! I haven't done anything superstitious for the New Year! I'll probably fail yet again! By the way, your 'dogs waiting' shot was fascinating.

DJan said...

Mmmmm! They both look scrumptious, and the black eyed peas don't look canned at all! I am so glad to hear you will have a prosperous new year!!

Mary-Austin said...

Happy New Year's Lynn!! I hope you are healing well!!

We are having blackeyed peas, cornbread, cabbage, ham and a tamale for our New Year's Day!! Love all the superstitions and traditions!!

Best wishes for a Blessed 2010!

Brenda said...

Happy New Year! I had peas, cornbread, mustard greens, taters, and ham.

Lily Robinson said...

My in-laws grew up with soup beans and cornbread. MIL thinks cornbread should be made with every meal! I am not southern. I'll stick to my rye bread.

FIL usually cooks pork and sauerkraut on Jan 1st. I'm glad he forgot this year!

I have no special foods for the New Year.

wenn said...

interesting! Happy New Year!

Boomer Pie said...

Try adding cream corn, sour cream and some sugar to Jiffy Cornbread mix. Makes it sweeter and moist.
We've traveled to Texas hill country and it was very pretty so I've become one of your followers.Stop by my place for a change of pace and reciprocate if you like what you see.

Jientje said...

Happy New Year Lynn, may 2010 bring you everything you wished for...

SquirrelQueen said...

Growing up in Georgia I remember the black eyed peas tradition. I think it had something to do with the number of peas eaten would determine the money for the year.

I use a cornbread mix and add creamed corn and shredded cheese, my northern hubby loves it.

I took the holiday weekend off to get in a little quite time with my hubby. My favorite way to spend the holidays. But I'm now way behind on visiting.