Thursday, October 22, 2009

Afternoon Walk in The Texas Hill Country

On most days hubby takes the dogs, Luc and Maggie, for a walk in the morning and afternoon. Luc is impossible if he doesn't get at least one walk a day. Maggie, not so much, because she assigned herself sentry duty and gets lot of enjoyment out of guarding the yard. Luc, on the other hand, lives up to his breed's characterization of being a clown and prefers playing, be it on a walk or retrieving some thrown item.

We're walking down the first sloping ledge of the hill from the house.

The first clearing. I really enjoy how the shadows play across the open space.

We cut a trail through this brush. Hubby is using my grandfather's walking stick and is wearing my dad's sweater. I've been accused of being a pack rat; however, see, we are recycling. One never knows when something old will come in handy.

The other side of the cut trail.

And around the corner.

The second clearing. Luc is waiting for his treat and both are waiting for me to catch up. I was busy taking pictures.

A cross-pasture road.

Here's the slip. Oops, cows at the end and we have to take a detour. Cows are too much of a temptation for Luc to give chase.

Since September 10, our skies pretty much look like this.

A calachie pit. Some years back, my dad needed some calachie for a road; looked over on our property; and decided this was the best place to get it. lol We've had Luc since June 2005; this is the only deep water the poor dog has ever seen. It comes up to his shoulder. After last night's rain, though, it may well be deep enough for him to swim.

We've had 16-3/10 inches since September 10 with 3 inches last night. Praise God because we have been in a terrible drought . . . the top soil was blowing away.

To look across the land to see the green pasture is so gratifying. It is also cheaper since we are not having to put hay out for the cows. :D

Almost home. They have had all the excitement of investigating smells of animal tracks, taste a couple of cow patties before we can stop them, as well as having the opportunity to chase a jack rabbit and a deer. Maggie yelps as she runs and is as light as a feather; whereas Luc gets down low, stretches out with tail straight, utters no sound, concentrates all his power like a sprinter, and is very serious. I am happy to say that the jacks and deer always escape. :D But, oh, what fun they have trying.

And, so it goes on the little ranch in the Texas Hill Country. :D

Until next time, God bless.


Lily Robinson said...

What a lovely place to walk! We let our goats blaze the trail for us...

Mary-Austin said...

I love your ranch!! Nice and peaceful. And so glad that you all have received lots of rain!!

Rae said...

It looks like a wonderful place to walk. That is a sweet photo of the dogs. I imagine that Luc loves the water. I can hardly keep my lab away from it, even if it is two inches deep.

wenn said...

lovely place to enjoy..

AL said...

Oh my Lynn! Pardon me I didn't read the blog, I was distracted by your new background it is so attractive! The colors! BTW I can see Luc, hi there!


DJan said...

I also like the look of your blog these days. It's so much fun to watch my bloggy friends playing with theirs, and the walk was nice, too. My family lives in Texas and the landscape really looks familiar. Nice dogs; they sure look happy, Lynn.

SquirrelQueen said...

Your place is so beautiful, what a lovely area you have for taking walks. Luc and Maggie seem to be having fun and enjoying themselves and so did I, thanks for the tour.

Have a great weekend,