Friday, October 30, 2009

Bathroom Makeover IV

I am almost done. A few more touch ups are needed. I may should have put a second coat because I've found quite a few places that were missed, but to tell the truth, the bath is so small and a real pain to paint. I spent a lot of time moving the ladder after first finding a place to put the paint so as to not accidentally knock it over.

I did not do the best taping job. I bought a small sample of flat white paint and used a flat, square artist brush to cover the brown paint on the ceiling.

Not perfect, but much neater.

Installed the new light fixture. Gad, what a difference when compared to the old one. I've been wanting to change it out for years but did not have the courage to do it myself. Well, I did it myself today. Just hope the house does not burn down. lol

Found this picture at Bed, Bath & Beyond. The red ties to the red in the leaded glass window hanging in the bathroom window.

Ahh, new towels and towel rack. Had a difficult time getting the rod to stay put. In fact, there was a flaw in it; but since it fell off the wall a couple of times, it took some paint with it. This is one of the touch ups planned for tomorrow.

The plan is to finish up tomorrow. I painted the shower curtain hangers a dark coco brown and am waiting to make sure they are completely dry before hanging the shower curtain.

I think I am going to love the final product. It is worth the effort. I've been wanting to redo this bath for at least five years. lol I just couldn't get inspired.

Until next time, God bless.


Donna said...

Haven't been able to visit for a while now and was surprised to see all of the bathroom redo pictures! It looks lovely!!! And how brave of you to tackle the light fixture, LOL.

Lily Robinson said...

It's looking fantastic! Love the colors you chose. I hate painted from a ladder...

Rae said...

I love how this turned out. You did an exceptional job. The colors are really nice.

chicamom85 said...

Wow that was a big project, looks great.


AL said...

Oh my...the light fixture is something very classy. You have very good taste in redecorating, huh.


Donna said...

Very Pretty!! Happy Halloween!!hughugs

DJan said...

I feel like I was part of the whole project, Lynn! Maybe I was the one who didn't put the tape on right. You can blame me. So tomorrow we will see the whole, finished project? Love the light.

Lynn said...

On one hand I thought it would go faster; but on the other hand, I think I knew it would not which is why I kept putting it off. I'm still at it as I write. I'm taking a break.

Did the touch ups, put the doors on the vanity cabinet, took tape off the shower curtain hangers, but still have to scrape out the grout around the tub. UGH. The cabinet pulls I bought simply will not due and have to pick up a more suitable pair tomorrow or Monday. As soon as the touch ups dry, I'll hang the shower curtain and the mirror.

After I get new pulls for the cabinet, I'll post a photo. But, I still have to do the fused glass backsplash.

Daisy Soap Girl said...

It's coming along well. I love those accessories.

SquirrelQueen said...

It is looking so good, the color is lovely. If you ever figure out how to avoid getting paint under the tape let me know, I can't seem to avoid it either.

I really like the picture you found, the little touch of red is so pretty.