Saturday, October 3, 2009

Brenda's Photo Challenge - Pets

Brenda's Photo Challenge has given us a delightful subject for this week's challenge: Pets! There are no limits on what or whose pets which fits in just perfect since I took these photos at The Pound House Fall Festival.

Isn't this the sweetest face?

This baby alpaca was a little shy and I had a terrible time getting it to stay still long enough for me to snap a photo with my ever-so-slow camera.

After seeing the other two, I had time not wanting to buy this one which is wearing a for sale scarf.

This is the sweetest angora goat. She was very hot and had just been moved to the shade.

In addition to showing the alpacas and goats, there was a display of angora/alpaca woven products along with looms and schedule of classes. There is a Saturday scarf class with the looms being set up in order to complete the project in a day. Hmmm, can you say Christmas gifts?

Now this handsome devil is my 'Marley,' and is named Luc. I took this photo and the one below the same day both had all their annual shots including a rattlesnake vaccine.

This is my drama queen. Give Luc treats at the vet and no problem; Maggie on the other hand refuses treats and screams, howls, and cries. The vet's assistant put Maggie between her legs so the other assistant could give the shots without being bit. It took about 24 hours for Maggie to get over the trauma.

Don't forget to click over to Brenda's to see more pets.

Until next time, God bless.


Donna said...

Love these! Poor Angora! It Looks hot! Don't you just hate having the dogs get shots!!!?!!
Happy Saturday Girl!hughugs

Jeanne said...

They are so cute. Love the tufts of fur on their heads. That angora goat is cool looking too.

Tes said...

Luc is indeed a handsome devil and maggie is moody as a queen -teehee! Nice capture on the aplaca , clear and vivid. And the angora goat looks like a sweety!

Happy Weekend! :)

DJan said...

What sweet pictures! And Lynn, I just LOVE the alpaca. She is beautiful. But your doggies are, of course, beautiful, too. Thanks for the great animal pictures. Made my day.

Butterfly Gardener said...

So many adorable faces... Just makes you want to pet and love on each one!

Donna said...

Sweet pictures! Love that goat! And I totally understand about Luc. I had my flu shot today and it hurt!

SquirrelQueen said...

The alpacas are beautiful, I would have had a hard time convincing myself not to buy the one for sale. The cute little angora looks so soft.

Luc, you are very much the handsome devil and I suspect you know it too. I can tell Maggie had a bad day, poor baby I don't like shots either. Miss Cindi Lou pouts for two days after her vet visits.

Lynn the photos are great. Have a super weekend.

Brenda said...

Such a variety of wonderful pets for the challenge. The pups don't look too happy about the shots. Wonderful shots!!

wenn said...

hi..that's nice..hv a nice weekend..

Splendid Little Stars said...

enjoyed seeing all these animals. got such a kick out of your dog shot story!

Anonymous said... have so many fun pets! My son would love to spend time with them, especially the dogs..