Saturday, October 17, 2009

Brenda Photo Challenge - October2009

The theme for this week's Brenda's Photo Challenge is "Highways and Byways." Anyone who wants to join in the challenge is welcomed. The challenges have made me personally pay more attention to whatever theme is chosen, it is fun, your photography improves, and you make some wonderful blogging friends.

I decided to photograph the six miles off US Highway 290W to my house plus a couple of miles past our gate. I might have done a couple of miles more except, but wouldn't you know it, the camera's battery died; and, when I left Friday morning, I forgot to pick up the camera bag with the charged batteries. I had a senior moment until about half way into town.

These lovely sunflowers dot the roadside as we leave Highway 290W to travel back to the house.

Just turned off 290W....good grief! Three cars! Am I on a freeway?

There are lots of curves; some are gentle while others are hard turns.

Aaaaaah, let's stop for a moment to enjoy the peace and quiet of this pasture scene. Please notice all that green stuff........finally, we've had rain -- 13-1/2 inches since September 8.

The low water bridge. I've actually seen the water rushing over the 5 foot mark. It was quite a sight.

This is the reason for the low-water bridge. The water may not look very pretty, but it is welcomed as it has been over a year since there was any water in this creek.

Where others have the beautiful colors of fall all around them, we have these lovely sunflowers dotting the roadsides.

Went a little past our house. I take this back road to the vet's in Johnson City. From the looks of this sign, the teenagers have been doing a little target practice under the cover of night. :D

This is where the camera battery died........but this is a really neat low-water bridge. You have to be careful to check how deep the water is if running across the bridge because there is quite a drop off into the creek.

Hallelujah! Water is under the second low-water bridge!

Don't forget to go here for more highways and byways. :D

Until next time, God bless.


Brenda said...

These are great pictures for this challenge! I can imagine the water up over the 5ft mark lately because it's been really doing a lot of raining, hasn't it? Happy travels down your highways and biways!

Salitype said...

i love the green along both side of the road and the pasture. im sure its always a pleasure to pass by that road..

the creek is so lovely, very refreshing to look at!


Riet said...

Hi. Thank you for explaning to me about the challenge. I am not sure that I understand already so will have to read it again and again. I love your pictures of the highways.
And so true what you say, you go watch better when you take pictures. The same goes for me.
Thank you again.
Riet, The Netherlands

AL said...

The pasture seems like a very peaceful place to stop by. Cameras doesn't cooperate sometimes, they die in the middle of your momentum of capturing...bummer! Nice photos Lynn and thanks for sharing.


AL said...

Ooops I need to drive back to thank you for the vote!

Donna said...

What a lovely jaunt through the Texas countryside! Thank you for the tour! The yellow flowers can't help but make one smile.

Aren't these challenges fun? Yes, the themes help us grow as photographers and you can't beat the friendships (that's the best part of all)!

Lily Robinson said...

We had a traffic jam like that the other day. I had to wait on two cars before I could pull out of our drive! Must have been something going on in town...

SquirrelQueen said...

That was a fun drive Lynn, I love the yellow flowers all along the roadside. It is easy to tell that you have had rain, everything is so pretty and green. And the creeks have water, how cool is that. I'm am so glad your area finally got the much needed moisture.


SOUL: said...

i love your photos!
of course i'm wondering if there's fish in that water-- or if it's just run-off/ :))
then of course-- i got a chuckle at your idea of traffic -- (i live near fort worth -- i bet you'd dare not trade?)

have a happy day!

Jeanette said...

I LOVED all of your pictures. What a great road!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful country sight seeing..The flowers are gorgeous!

Donna said...

I'm SO darn glad for the rain!! But we Finally got to mow, Today since it all started!lolol...LOVE the photos!
Happy day to you!!hughugs

Jeanne said...

This challenge has been great to see t=how different some of the areas we live in are. Love the stops along the way and yikes the water at the 5 foot mark?!?!

Pat said...

I enjoyed our little ride together. Love the flowers along the road, and the moo-cows, as I like to call them, in the pasture. We travel full-time in our RV, and have been on many a back road in our days!

Butterfly Gardener said...

I am so happy that your area has been getting some rain. I can imagine the water running over the bridges, as we have had that same issue here. Our ideas of traffic are about the same lol! I gripe if I get behind the slow car going to town or meet a car on the backroads lol!

Splendid Little Stars said...

Now that was a fun trip! You are lucky to have such great views so close to home.

Ebie said...

Its a lovely ride seeing those wild flowers along the side of the road. The pasture looks so serene and beautiful.

hehehe, I have those moments too, I went to the beach today and I ran out of batteries!

Enjoy your weekend!

wenn said...

wow..that's nice..especially the sunflowers..hv a nice day..

Tes said...

Oh, some lovely trails you have here. I can't imagine water going that high, but yeah, since the mark is there then it must reach that high.

Lovely yellow flowers, Lynn!

Karen M said...

lovely pictures for the challenge! I like the water pictures! And who doesn't flowers along the path.

Ms. Fiddlesticks said...

That was so creative. I love the idea of coming to your house and you showing us the way.

Annie said...

Am sorry I didn't get to participate in this one...but have been busy. I do like your photos though, Lynn.

And thanks for visiting My World photos this week.

Love the story of the truck stuck in the familiar. So glad you have had rain!