Friday, May 8, 2009

Sol'stice Garden Expressions, Part III

I had a picnic lunch with a friend of mine at Sol'stice Garden Expressions with the hope that the birds would flock around us. I heard them in the trees but not a one flew close enough for me to photograph. Oh well, when one plan does not work, I always have a Plan B. Plan B was to take photos inside. I love funky and earthy items and Sol'stice is filled to the brim. (See February 25 and February 26 blog entries for outside tour of Sol'stice.)

This display greets you at the front door. Don't you just love the colorful painting above the secretary?

This is to the left as you come in the door. The green and copper object on the right is a lamp!

Excuse the shameless promotion, but the above is a display of my pendants and one of my small trays. You've seen closeups under the Plum Wild photo gadget.

I love these concrete pieces. The one on the left has a swivel mirror in the center. Usually the piece hangs in a tree and the mirror swivels in the wind; the birds go wild over it. The piece looks great on the wall, though.

Isn't the mobile on the upper left wonderful? The funky pottery faces hanging on the wall are really neat, too. I have to exert extreme self-discipline to not buy a zillion things when I come to Sol'stice.

Love this abstract on the left as well as the garden ornaments in the wash tub.

This room is a bit of a mess since Chris is painting another room. However, I also love the green, concrete table on the bottom left. It would be great inside or outdoors!

This is another one of those funky lamps. I need to look for a place in my house for one of these.

BTW, this monarch butterfly was the best picture I could get while eating our picnic lunch. lol And, it isn't very good at that!

Two quick questions before I close: Have you bought anything lately for your house or garden? If so, what?

Until next time, God bless.


MilesPerHour said...

Hey, that looks like a pretty cool place!

Rae* said...

Very nice pictures even without the birds. I bought fuschia flowers in a hanging basket for my garden and a birdhouse tody.

Lynn said...

MPH, it is a cool place. Going to picnic lunch again with another friend in the next week or so. :D

Rae: Thanks, re the pics. I love fuschia in any form. :D Planted some gourd seeds; just hope they grow 'cause they make neat bird houses.

astrogalaxy said...

It's a great looking butterfly!
Actually, I've brought 2 bookcase shelves today at IKEA and just got them fix up...body ache now...hehe!

Mary-Austin said...

Definitely going to make it there on my next trip to the area. Neat stuff... plus I want to see your stuff up close and personal!!