Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Outdoor Living and Sculptures at Sol'stice

We had another magnificent day here in Central Texas. I'm coming fast to the conclusion that if it will not rain then I might as well take advantage of the cool temperatures and sunny days. So, today I went by Sol'stice Garden Expressions to take some photos of the fabulous sculptures, tree and yard ornaments. Enjoy!
Sol'stice is located just outside Dripping Springs, TX, on Hwy. 290 W which is the road to Johnson City and to one of the favorite tourist towns in Texas, Fredericksburg. If you are in the Austin-Wimberley-Dripping Springs area and have a trip planned to Fredericksburg, Sol'stice is a must stop!

Sissy, the siren, greets you as you drive into the parking area. Isn't she wonderful?!

You will also see this gaint bell decorated with University of Texas colors -- anything UT is naturally a favorite around here since UT is just a few miles east of Drippin'. The bell has a marvelous tone. If you study the photo, you will see a lot of interesting hanging sculptures and tree ornaments in the background.

You also see these "girls" a few feet to the left as you come into Sol'stice. Chris, owner and the artist, calls the ornaments Earth and Sky yin and yang, but I see "the girls" when looking at them. Chris is so cute, he told me to call them anything I wanted to. lol

This object has a mirror in the donut hole which is very attractive to the birds.

Isn't the above a beautiful bird bath? There is a piece of glass at the bottom.

Here is another giant bell and a glass yard ornament. The bells are recycled fire extinguishers or acetylene tanks and have the most wonderful tones when the wind catches the striker.

I haven't even started to the back of Sol'stice to wander along the winding trails among the trees, yard ornaments, and hanging sculptures nor have I photographed the inside art gallery. But to not overwhelm, there will be more photos in the next blog entry.

I must be honest, I have some of my fused glass pendants and trays inside the gallery. :D I am not sure that is a good thing because I am not sure how much longer I can impose self-discipline to not buy some things. Every time I walk in the place, I find new objects I want very much to call mine!

Until next time, God bless.

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