Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sol'stice Purchases

While I exerted the most extreme discipline to not purchase everything I wanted at Sol'stice, I relaxed a bit and the next thing I knew I had these items in my car when I got home. Oh well, nothing to do but put them out. :D

This whirly thing goes on the peach tree. Hopefully, its whirling, swinging and twirling will keep the birds away from snacking on the peaches. I don't mind birds snacking if they would limit it to just a few, but it is a little disconcerting when every second or third peach has a peck or two out of it with sugar ants feasting in the peck holes.
How about these ceramic mushrooms? Aren't they cheerful?

This Texas insignia jumped into my grocery cart; and since the garden is in Texas, I couldn't put it back. We Texans like to brand our things. lol

Until next time, God bless.


Rae* said...

I love the twirly thing. I drive my husband crazy buying stuff like that. I especially love wind chimes.

Lynn said...

If you love wind chimes, take a look at the February 25 & 26 blog (link provided in the latest Sol'stice blog).....I had pictures of GONGS! The gongs are made from old acetylene cylinders.......and the sounds are beautiful. The shorter the cylinder the higher the sound; the longer the cylinder, the deeper the sound.

If you heard one, you'd have to add at least one gone to your collection of wind chimes.

astrogalaxy said...

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Mary-Austin said...

How cute are those things!!! We Texans do like to display our Texas stuff....

Hope your peaches make it through and really hope you had a great mothers day!!


Lynn said...

Tell you what, Mary-Austin, the next time you are up here.........let me know when you will go by Sol'stice and I'll come meet you. :D

It is a neat place to picnic too -- Chris has a little deck with a swing, a couple of tables and chairs under the trees.

Mary-Austin said...

Lynn - you bet! I'll let you know!!