Monday, May 25, 2009

In Honor of . . .

It is thought that the first settler to Dripping Springs arrived in 1849 with a post office being established in 1857. Both my parents and brother are buried in the Dripping Springs cemetery. As I walk around reading the birth and death dates I wonder who this person was, what she or he was like, how he or she lived, and wish I could have known them.

I took these pictures in January of 2009. You will see two flags on one.

Until next time, God bless.


SquirrelQueen said...

I have always been facinated with old cemeteries. Like you I read the names and dates and try to imagine what they were like.

Lovely photos.


Lynn said...

It is the same with me, SQ, and the markers are very interesting. I'll post more in a later entry but thought I'd stick to the ones of a military nature today.

Donna said...

Hi, Lynn! I found your blog from Donna - Made in Heaven, in case you were wondering! You have a lovely blog!

The cropped photo of a monument on my blog is the Yorktown Victory Monument in Yorktown, VA. We were visiting that area this past April. It was raining when I took it and had to snap a few quick photos from the truck, LOL. There are 13 female figures in one of the monument's sections, and the verse around there feet is "One country, one constitution, one destiny". I was able to quickly snap a picture of the "one country" part of the writing. Lady liberty is at the very top of the monument. I would have loved to get more & better pictures of it if it had not been raining!

Here's more information.

Donna said...

Oh, I forgot to tell you that most of the pictures on my blog have captions. If you want to learn how to do captions on your blog, look for my Nov. 19, 2008, blog post for instructions!

Lynn said...

Donna, thanks so much for the info on the momument; it is so impressive and beautiful.

I'll also check out the how-to of captions on your Nov. 19 entry. Thanks, again, for the tip. :D