Thursday, February 26, 2009

Outdoor Living and Sol'stice, Part II

We are back for more Sol'stice Garden Expressions. I need to plan my photos a little better because here is the left side of the house. Notice the red, white and blue garden spinner as well as the shiny metal spinner. There are spinners every where, but I narrowed it down to showing these two.

Above is representative of the many glass garden stakes scattered around.

As I wandered down the one of the paths behind the house, I found another of Chris's bird baths with a cedar branch, bird perch anchored in the center. Chris, owner of Sol'stice and artist, does his marvelous creations in concrete then stains to get these fabulous patinas.

I really like this kinetic twirler and soon this one may be hanging in one of my trees.

The above concrete, wind sculpture may also one day grace my most favorite oak tree. I love its patina and pressed glass center.

Now here is a great piece. Can't you see it in your yard?! I can except that I do not have a grove of trees under which to place it. The trees on our place are scattered, one here, one there -- never two, three or ten in close proximity. Of course, I could be wrong, but I think the piece is telling me it wants to be placed in and around a grove of trees. :D It may tell you something else.

On the left is a whimsical, garden sculpture and on the right is a close up of the wonderful gate that is in the photo's background. If I did not have dogs, I'd have this gate on the yard fence. Or, I would place it as an entrance to a
garden if we did not have hungry deer or rabbits just waiting for something tasty to appear above ground. Or, one could just have a gate to no where because it is so unique. On the right is a different gate style, no two are the same from what I saw.

That's it for now. Sometime in the next week or so, I'll drop by Sol'stice again to photo the inside gallery.

Until next time, God bless.


astrogalaxy said...

Seeing the photos (Part I and II), I felt that the place seemed peaceful and quiet. Which I like very much and it's a very nice place! A pity I stay so far far away...
The sculpture are very creative and original too! The artist sure is very talented.
Have a nice weekend!

Lynn said...

You hit the nail on the head -- it is very peaceful and quiet.

There is a small deck with a table and chairs in the back of Sol'stice. I'm going to pack a picnic lunch one day soon, take my camera and telescopic lens, then wait for the birds to return after I've disturbed them with my presence. I should get some wonderful photos, which I will post, of course. :D

Mary-Austin said...

Very neat pieces there! Beautiful surroundings!