Sunday, May 24, 2009

SOOC Sunday & Post #100

When I wrote the first entry for this blog in November 2008, I wondered just what I would write about with any regularity. Well, all, there seems to be no loss for words or subjects since this is number 100. lol But, then there are many wonderful bloggers that come up with the cleverest ideas about which to write.

Jan at Murrieta 365 came up with a new meme: Straight Out of the Camera Sunday or SOOC Sunday, for short. The idea is that there are times when you shoot a photo that it is perfect and requires no tweaking -- no suggestions from your software to do a "quick fix." Speaking for myself, that is not very often; however, it does present a challenge to look through that week's photos for the perfect one.

This photo was shot Thursday, May 22, 2009, and required no tweaking. Besides, I've been wanting to find an excuse to post my garden's progress. :D

Garden as of May 10, 2009.

Isn't it amazing how quickly a garden grows in just twelve days?

Until next time, God bless.


SquirrelQueen said...

The garden is looking good, very good.


Lynn said...

Thanks, SQ.

Jeanne said...

You must be having some good weather for everything so greened up. Mine is at my Project 365 blog here:

Lynn said...

Jeanne, we have had some rain these past few months. And I praise God for it because we only had 11 inches last year. Our top soil blew away. But, I also use soaker hoses. :D

Thanks for visiting my blog and I am on my over to yours.

Mamapippa said...

Nature is a wonder !

Mary-Austin said...

Lovin your garden Lynn!! It's looking good. Your pictures were great!

Lynn said...

Thanks, M-A. I just returned from spraying with an insecticidal soap -- aphids -- and have found only one lady bug! Going to see if one of the natural gardening nurseries sells lady bugs.