Tuesday, December 30, 2008

School Days, School Days

It's been several years since I've registered for classes at LVS Online; but since I'm doing some photography of the various fused glass items, I realized a refresher course was in order. I've been quite satisfied with the instructions at LVS Online , the fees are more than reasonable, and the classes are fun.

I'm considering taking a Writing Composition and/or an Effective Writing class.......it's been more years than I dare mention or even think about since I've been in any English class! :D I'll probably be horribly embarrassed with the numerous corrections on everything I submit. You are never too old to learn. Besides, I'd like this blog to be grammatically correct and more interesting: a blog you'd want to return to read.

If you want to exercise the mind a little, check out the courses at LVS Online. The course categories are diverse from Arts & Humanities to Business to Academics to Photography to Scrapbooking, and so forth. And, btw, I'm not getting paid for this advertising! I found the classes to be very basic but interesting. Basic is what I needed in the classes for which I registered. I took a digital photography class, a couple of html classes, and a graphics software class. However, if you do register, give them my name....I will get credit on the next class. Hey, can't help a girl getting a little advantage every now and again. :D

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn, thanks for your kind comments. I lived in Texarkana and Denton. Texas is a great state. Happy New Year to you and yours!