Friday, December 26, 2008


I just returned from starting an above ground garden. We've a lot of left over landscape timbers that we bought 26 years ago when we first moved into our house. We used the timbers to hold the top soil brought in to start a yard. As the grass grew, we removed the timbers and stacked them off to the side. Well, true to my dad's DNA, I saved them for such a time as when they would be needed again. While we've use an odd timber or so for this and that, we've at least thirty with which to build this garden even though the timbers have been lying around 26 years. :D (As an aside, we no longer have grass since we are in one of worst droughts since the 1930's. In fact the top soil was stinging me as I worked because the wind is up and the top soil is powdery.)

I also started a compost pile with the pulp residual from juicing. And, since we have cows, we've left over hay the cows haven't eaten along with more than a few cow patties. We should have some very rich compost by spring or early summer. And, of course, there is always cow patty tea for watering. I placed the garden near the rain water collection system so I can use the water by attaching a hose to the filtering tank which is drained onto the ground anyway. Gad, I'm getting so green! :D When hubby gets home this afternoon, he is going to see "cut timbers for garden" on his honey-do list. I'll tackle just about anything but no thanks to a circular saw.

Did 35 minutes on the to wrap my mind around doing no less than 45 and should do 60 minutes. Worked on photographing the pendants, etc., but I still feel something is not quite as it should be. I'm waiting on a particular camera accessory to arrive and hope like crazy it gives me what I'm looking for....I feel I have to do too much touch up on each photo before putting it in this blog or ultimately my website.

We keep getting "red flag" warnings from the I don't know the wind is still up to a pretty good speed. The skies stay gray a good part of the day, clouds swoop by, but still no rain! Yikes. Central Texas is about to become a desert.


Lenore said...

Lynn, I'm so glad to hear you have decided to take up gardening. I think you will enjoy it. I envy you your cow paddies as I compost too as you know. I'd get a couple of chickens but I don't think Lilly, my female version of Luc, would get along well with chickens. You are so ambitious it makes me tired just reading all the things you do during day. It's been raining here in California and I'm fighting back the weeds in my garden area. I've discoved that flattening cardboard boxes and laying them out flat on the dirt stops the weeds from coming up and is a lot cheaper than buying all those rolls of plastic plus they stay put better. I haven't planted any winter crops, I want to plant some lettuce for sure but have to put it where Lilly won't trample it. Lenore

Lynn said...

Lenore, would you believe that we have a lot of left over black plastic from a project we did about five years ago? After the project was finished, I folded it up and stashed away in the barn just in case we NEEDED it! Gad, my pack-rat father taught me well because five years later here I am ready to lay it down in the raised garden beds before we put the dirt in. :D

Hubby always says, "throw it away." Naturally I come back with we might need it. It is so much fun to remind him as I drag out whatever I've stashed away. However, I also have some card board boxes that I've held on too and may use those too.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, the 30th, is "honey-do" day with the skills saw.