Saturday, December 27, 2008

Man's Best Friend

One of my email friends put a picture of the newest addition to their household, a totally precious, 11 week old, white Lab puppy. Another email friend suggested she read "Marley and Me," which took me back to when my husband and I read the book. Here's my response as I reminisced when we first got Luc, our white Lab.
At 8 weeks, pic to right, Luc's propensity to steal was evident and hasn't changed with age.

Yes, yes, yes....we could so definitely identify with the Marley and Me book. Steve and I were on our way to Colorado when I read the book out loud in the car. We laughed so hard. Listen, by the time we got the book Luc had almost killed me three times.

Once on a walk and as I was bending over to do something for Luc, I heard hooves clomping behind me -- turned around and one of the cows that hated Luc was headed straight for us. She was trying to trample him. I didn't have enough time to grab him and get out of the way so I waved my arms and yelled at her. Fortunately she stopped. She's tried several times since to trample him when I was very near.

The next time, I was at the back of our property clearing a path along the creek bed -- hubby was at work and had no idea where I might be. Anyway, as I was cutting some brush along a very narrow path with a 3-4 foot drop off to one side into a dry creek bed filled with big rocks, Luc ran up then placed his paws on my chest. (A no, no but he was still a bit of a puppy and not fully trained in "no jumping." ) I happened to grab onto a small branch with the thickness of a little finger before being knocked over into the very, very dry, rocky creek bed.

Luc detests getting a bath -- tried bathing him with me standing in the bath tub so I could keep him from jumping out. Not a good idea because the tub gets very slippery with soap flying everywhere. Then next I leashed him and tied it around the peach tree. I just got him wet when he decided this was not his cup of tea, started acting up, ran around the tree several times, tying me up next to the tree in the leash, I ended up falling down on him and and laughingly started trying to figure out how to get us both untangled. hahaha

Come to think of it, he's almost killed me four or five times. lol

We still have three temporary fences around the air conditioner, the telephone house connections, and the satellite dish. All the trouble though is worth the joy he brings to the "ranch."

Bad doggy with a stolen pillow. The plaid pillow close to headboard is his favorite to steal when he wants attention. It is my most expensive since it coordinated with the "missing" comforter, it use to have tassels, and is in desperate need of a cleaning, which I've not figured out how to do. I removed our comforter and replaced with washable blankets every time I change the linens. When I know company is coming, I retrieve the comforter so "they" don't think we are complete "house" Neanderthals.

Luc is Marley reincarnated. I can hardly wait to see the Marley and Me movie that is scheduled to come out soon.

Life is good and am looking forward to the coming New Year. So, all, Happy New Year! May it bring happiness, prosperity, and good health to all. God bless the U. S. A.

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TC said...

You are lucky, Mugsey eats something when he wants to get my attention, he has a pile of his "things" in the yard, I have found the yard pond pump there, my trowel several times, there's a piece of split firewood there now, large tree branches and tools seem to be his favorite.