Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

I just couldn't stand it, so I did some actual closeups of the Christmas stockings. Aren't the details wonderful?!

I have patience when working on things that I enjoy but patience for sewing such as that on the stockings is not in my DNA.

Hubby and I made a pack last Saturday giving each other permission to ask if we have done certain daily tasks. He has been saying that he wanted to get back to singing every day but hasn't stay with it. I get to ask him if he's practiced his music and if he has done his stretching exercises. Now this is not a wife bragging but his voice is of the same quality of an Elvis, a Waylon Jennings, or a George Jones. Needless to say, country music is his forte. By the same token he gets to ask me if I've done the elliptical, some weight training, and have I done my stretching exercises. We decided that if we only do five minutes we will consider that a success for that day because it maintains the discipline. Generally though, no one stops at five minutes and will do much more, but if the most done is five minutes, well, it is a success.

I talked with my oldest son who is in a holding pattern in Houston before leaving for Iraq. His job description is operations specialist, whatever that means. Wes loves new experiences and is truly fearless. He has his pilot's license; and when he was working at UTMB in Galveston, he thought nothing of hanging out of a helicopter to film certain conditions in the Gulf of Mexico.

He will get a week or so R&R every three-four months.

I have mixed emotions about his going; but since my youngest son, Paul, spent about 26 months in Iraq beginning December 2004 to Spring of 2007, I am a lot more relaxed about his going than I was when Paul went. I asked the Lord to place a hedge of protection around Wes, as I did when Paul went, and look forward to hearing about Wes' experiences. KBR, his employer, takes very good care of their employees. My youngest son had nothing but good things to say about the company.

I did about 40 minutes on the elliptical this morning plus some stretching. I'll get back up to 60 minutes within the next time or two on the machine. I can do it physically, it's the mental determination to spend the extra time. :D I play aerobic music on my MP3 through the speakers on the Nordic Track elliptical; I usually have a book opened to read or to look a pictures to get ideas for my next fusing project; and have the TV on. I make sure I have plenty of choices to stay distracted and/or interested in something other than what I'm doing.

If anyone is interested in getting an exercise machine at home I can't say enough good things about the Nordic Track. BTW, I'm not getting paid for this advertisement! The equipment is well made here in the US (so I understand) and there are quite a few models from which to choose. Take a look at their site; when I bought last summer, shipping was FREE. They have good deals.

It will be just Steve and myself tomorrow for Christmas dinner. Today I'm baking the pumpkin pie, preparing the stand-by green bean casserole, fix the potatoes..........I'm doing a turkey breast in cranberry sauce and (get this) onion soup mix in the crock pot tomorrow. Hubby picked up some cornbread dressing and gravy from HEB yesterday. I have my mother's dressing recipe which in my opinion is the best in the takes several days to I tend to opt out and get hubby to buy it. The next time the entire family is together, I'll do Mother's dressing.

I've got to pull out the china and polish the silver before tomorrow. I'm hoping I ironed the Christmas table cloth after last year's dinner. I'll probably get the table set tonight. Nothing is prettier than a table for a Christmas dinner.

May the peace of the Lord be upon all.

Merry Christmas.

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