Friday, July 24, 2009

Strolling through Austin's Farmer's Market

Judy at The Road to Here came up with this wonderful Farmer's Market Challenge. Pop over to her site to see the other participants farmer's markets.

Austin has several Farmer's Market locations. This one is in a high-school football stadium parking lot. The market opens at 9 AM on Saturday and closes at 1 PM.

There are quite a few cars at 10 AM on this Saturday morning.

This is kind of cool as you walk into the market: a rock climbing wall. When I took the photo, the climbers are girls not over 10 or 11.

A variety of vendors and wares are represented.

This vendor appears to be the youngest in the family business. :D

Not sure I want to eat buffalo but may get some jerky the next time. I am not very adventurous when it comes to trying something different to eat.

Fresh mushrooms .... YUM! Nothing was on the upcoming week's menu requiring mushrooms but know where to go when there is.

If I ever lose that 20 pounds, I'll be getting one of these original fabric designs by its vendor.

I am waiting on some canteloup to ripen in my own garden.

These are all natural cleaning agents.

My dad loved boiled okra, ugh. The vendor told me people would eat slimy, boiled okra because it helped with arthritis. Short of it being the fountain of youth, I'll pass.

What are these plants? Anyone know? Plant frogs are placed in a hole drilled in the rock, water is added, and the plant is stuck on the frog.

I like red so when I see it, a photo is taken.

A lot of people raise goats in Central Texas. Handcrafted goat-milk soap is divine.

I bought these tomatoes and may I tell you how good the tomato, provolone, and onion on whole wheat bread were?

I picked up a few cucumbers. Still waiting on some cucumbers to appear on the plants in my garden. Wonder if it is too late?

Aren't these strange looking?

How about some hibiscus iced tea?

Not to brag too much, but Central Texas has the tastiest peach you've ever put in your mouth.
They are addicting.

Don't remember his name, but isn't he beautiful?

Adios, my friends. (Not my vehicle but, well, it is red.)

Until next time, Gob bless.


SquirrelQueen said...

Awesome market, I love the rock climbing wall.

You should try the buffalo it really is good. I tastes like a very lean beef. As I remember you have to add a little extra fat.

Okra boiled is nasty, I love it battered and fried. It would be really good with those beautiful tomatoes.

Great market and wonderful photos, thanks for taking part in the challenge Lynn.

That car would be great for Ruby Tuesday!

chicamom85 said...

That was a treat, thank you. I can taste the fresh vegetables and I want those pickles.


AL said...

Nice post! I haven't heard about the hibiscus iced tea, sounds new to me, hibiscus here are used as a cure for wounds but tea ummm, wonder how it taste like. Goat milk are great but I am presently using papaya soap which is very popular here nowadays. You're Dad is right, boiled okra is very nutritious, yes it is crunchy on the outside and slimy in the inside, very healthy. And, the skirt its very exotic!


Rae said...

Excellent. I loved your photos. Looks like a great market.

Margaret Gosden said...

I have never seen such odd shaped cucumbers! That is what is so wonderful about this challenge - all sorts of varieties of things emerge!

Donna said...

Hahaha, I loved seeing all the market wares! I wish we had a decent farmers market around here. We used to, but they have gone a bit out of fashion. There is a small one about 5 miles away on Saturdays, but it only have a handful of vendors.

Honeygo Beasley said...

Enjoyed the trip to this market with you! Okra tastes very good sliced up, tossed with olive oil and coated with some corn meal, then baked in the oven until crispy and golden brown. Oven fried okra! For a healthier version, use cooking spray. Add whatever spices you like. It's always fun to find out new recipes for foods from the market. I plan to make frozen honeydew pops (from a Martha Stewart magazine, this month's) made with honeydew, honey and pistachio! Maybe I can pick up a couple of the ingredients at the local farmer's market.

Have a great day, Lynn! Thanks for stopping by my blog, too, today.

MzzLily said...

I am so totally ashamed of our local farmer's market. Everyone I see looks like a street festival! Ours is a few tarps covering some veggies in the bike station parking lot... How sad.

DJan said...

That climbing wall is really cool. What is even more wonderful are all the things you can't get in a store, and the veggies are so lovely. If you ever have a REAL tomato, you can never go back! Thanks for the great photos!! I will go if I find myself in your part of the world in the summer on a Saturday.

Jejune said...

What fantastic markets and great photos! Thank you for taking me along on the journey :)

Buffalo is really delicious, we used to get it when we lived in Boulder CO many years ago. Not a strong flavour like venision, more like beef. I'm sure you'd like it.

I think those are Air Plants (Tillandsias) - I just got one for my daughter a few days ago. They don't need soil, and only need occasional misting with water. Quite amazing!

diane said...

Everything looks so fresh and tasty. I've never tried okra, haven't seen it here. Doesn't sound like I'm missing much.
Your photos are so crisp and clear.

charmine said...

Your market is truely a farmers market,never heard of hibiscus tea,did you drink it anytime?LOVE THAT CAR.okra fried is better/try okra steamed with pepper & salt. goats milk i must try when i visit the hills in India.

Lynn said...

Charmine, yes I have drunk hibiscus tea. I like it. It is difficult to describe but give it a try if you run across some.

I will eat fried okra on occasion; it is the boiled, slimy green okra I'll never eat. hahaha

Daisy Soap Girl said...

What a great market and you did a good job with the pictures. Sure wish I had been there.