Monday, July 27, 2009

Mom's Away

Hi, guys, Mom is away from the computer so I have slipped in here to write a few words about what has been happening around the little ranch.

I've been under the weather for the past two-three weeks. First my stomach started acting up; Mom changed the food but I still continued to have problems. Then, I did something to either my paw or shoulder. Mom hid my ball for a few days and my paw/leg seemed to be OK. She took the ball down from the top of the fridge and threw it a couple of times. I guess I was running very hard to catch it because I hurt something really bad. I could not put any weight on my right leg. Mom then kept me in the house almost all the time; but when she let me out one evening several days later, I felt so good that I took off across the yard like I do when I see a jack rabbit or deer. I get kind of low to the ground, stretch out to my full length, my tail sticks straight out making me appear very big, and I am very fast. I was doing fine until I decided to make the corner around the deck when my paw slid out under me and I hit the ground sliding as if I were coming into home base. I really did it to myself that time.

In addition, my stomach problems kept getting worse even though Mom was doing everything she knew to do: a dollop of pumpkin on my food, ox-e drops in the water, two antioxidant treats a day instead of one, probotic powder sprinkled on my food, rest, rest, and more rest. Mom freaked out when she saw the blood Wednesday morning and rushed me to see one of my favorite humans, Dr. Paul, the vet. He did a complete blood profile, took two xrays of my right shoulder and leg, felt around on my paw, examined the pads, and then gave me a pain shot. Nothing is broken but Dr. Paul is not sure what I've done - probably pulled a muscle or strained a ligament.

Mom was back two hours later to take me home with some antibiotics to help my stomach. I did fine for two days but started throwing up twice a day. Mom made a quick trip back to Dr. Paul this afternoon, Monday, to pick up some food for super sensitive doggie stomachs along with some Pecid. She gave me a Pecid and the new food, and, boy, do I ever feel better right now. I'm back to stealing pillows off the couch and the chair along with carrying around my squeak-toy teddy. The ball has disappeared. But, I just hope I get through the night without throwing up. The other stomach problem seems to be getting better, too, with the antibiotics.

Also, since I am still limping, I stay in the house all the time except when I need to go outside to take care of some business. And do you know that I have to wear a leash? When I first arrived here and during the obedience classes, I let them know just how offensive I thought a leash was. I fought them and it like crazy. I'd pull, jump, take the leash in my mouth, and twist until I finally trained them to never put a leash on me unless I was going to the vet's or to a public place. I still made them pay for putting a leash on me. More than once I've almost pulled Mom over. Of course, it kind of hurts my neck, but it is worth it to remind her what I think about a leash.

Maybe I'm getting older because I am now willing to do as Mom asks. I can't help myself when I go outside; I want to run, chase, and track every new odor until it ends. The leash is teaching me a little self-discipline. Maybe, just maybe, if I control myself on the leash, I'll get to go more places. As it is, I only get to ride in the car when that man, Steve, that lives in the house, goes on very short errands.

I eavesdropped this evening when Mom was saying that maybe this is not such a bad thing for me to wear a leash for at least another week or ten days because maybe I'll behave myself enough to go on more adventures. Do you know how hard it is to pull a full grown adult around when I see new people or another dog? I mean, that is a lot of weight to drag by that tiny leash! I have to put all I've got into it!

I've also been banned from sleeping at night in my favorite spot: the king-sized bed. Listen, it is not too soft, it is not too hard, it is just right. Mom puts me in a crate with some sort of lamb's wool mattress. It is okay, but nothing like my bed of choice. I just hope I am over that throwing up business. And, frankly, it has not been much fun around here because the ball is gone, I am not allowed to run, and I don't get out of the house much. I mean it has been a drag for at least a week.
As an aside, Mom felt sorry for me and took me for a little walk outside the fence. She was carrying her camera in one hand and held the leash in her other. I was so bored that I decided to stir things up a little. Knowing that Mom had the camera in one hand and would have to let go of something, I tangled myself in the leash. I was watching closely so when she relaxed her grip on the leash, I spun around and dash off towards the yard. Aha, success! Please notice that handsome devil (me) standing with no one holding the leash. Well, you have to take your pleasures where you can find them, small though they may be.

This is Maggie. Whenever I get something, she wants it.

Enough about me, what's happening, dude?

Oh yes, as Mom says, "Until next time, God bless."


Rae said...

Well you have certainly had a time of it. Poor thing. I am certain your mom is relieved that you are feeling better. I know when my boy, Piper, gets sick I worry and worry.
Take care Luc and things will get better and soon you will be out chasing that ball.

Donna said...

I hope you get back to your frisky self in to time! hahaha!!!!!

MzzLily said...

Hope you are all better now. PS you look just like me!


Lynn said...

Wow. Now I see why Mom is so crazy about this blog thing: people send you get well wishes.

Hmm, Sadie, how about we do a treat together? And, when my shoulder/leg gets well, let's do a long hunt and run. I'm always interested in meeting new people, er, dogs, er, lady friends.

Lenore said...


I'm so sorry to hear you aren't feeling well. My Mom read the whole thing to me. I got a cramp in my leg the other day while chasing the ball and my Mom rubbed it till it felt better. Not being able to play ball is awful so just take it easy for a few days. I think you pulled as muscle. Were you doing the leap up in the air and catch the ball thing? Oh, and I totally agree about the leash thing.

Love Lilly

Lynn said...

Lilly, thanks for your kind words.

Yeah, I leap as high as I can to catch the ball; it is a matter of pride with me to catch it in mid-air.

I think it is my 89 pounds coming down so hard to the ground on my paws that has caused the problem. Mom is talking 2-3 months before the ball comes out. Bummer.

Say, want to do a treat together soon? I need some diversion. I don't think Maggie will be too jealous.


Donna said...

Oh Goodness! What could be wrong with your tummy??? Not Good! Have Mommy take you back to the Vet!!!hughugs

Annie said...

Oh, a gorgeous labrador...exactly like my abbey that I had! What a cutie and just as mischievious by the sound of it!

My labrador had a cast iron stomach, the things she used to eat...erk!

Butterfly Gardener said...

You poor thing... Hope you get to feeling better soon. My Trixie has the rainy day blues and can't hardly get off the couch.
Hang in there!

Mary-Austin said...

Awww... sweet thing... gosh, what a time! Hope Luc is back running and jumping soon.

Daisy Soap Girl said...

Hope you're feeling better and don't be too hard on Mom she's just looking out for your well being. Try to be nice to that man who lives in the house too, maybe he'll have you as a best friend when Mom isn't around. It's a good thing to butter up the help sometimes you know.

Lynn said...

Thanks to all, again, for your get well wishes. I've made three days without throwing up and I'm back on the kingsize bed. :D

Daisy, I do throw a bone or two towards that guy that lives in the house by going by to give him kisses every now and again. However, it is Mom that gets out the food, throws the ball, gives me the meds, takes me to the vet, cleans up my mess, and buys the toys. I really have to stay on her good side and have to keep track of her at all times. lol